McCanns in Honduras

Let the nations be glad & sing for joy!


Above: Lunch!! For lunch today we had salads (tuna with cilantro and green with avocado), yucca, broccoli and carrots, black beans, fried plantains, white rice, pan-friend chicken, and juice (melon and papaya).

Our new Friday lunch tradition is to get take-out from a local restaurant a few blocks away. This restaurant (or ‘soda’) is run out of someones home and they have fresh Tico food daily for lunch. We love their chicken and have enjoyed trying some of the local food, espically the fresh juice-in-a-bag.

The best part is, each plate is cost 1,500 colones, for a whopping total of 3,000 colones for a huge lunch (If you’re wondering that is $6 US, can’t beat that on the dollar menu).


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Los Sauces Barrio

Above: Here is a view of our neighborhood as seen on Google Earth.

One of the interesting things about Costa Rica is that none of the secondary streets have any names, and the majority of the houses are not numbered, and therefore no one has a mailing address and directions are given only by landmarks.

This is not much of a problem when you walk everywhere you go, but it begins to be tough when you want to walk to the same place a week later. So now whenever we go anywhere new, as soon as we get home we look it up on the Google Earth map and add a placemark.

Some things of note on our map, you’ll see our house in blue and our friends’ houses in yellow. One block east of us is the park where Lucy loves to play, and the beginning of our route to school, the Spanish Institute. Mega Super is our grocery store, Pequeno Mundo is like big lots, and the corners stores are great for a quick trip for a Coke Lite.

If you want to look up our neighborhood (Los Sauces Barrio), on Google Earth, our coordinates are 9°54’33.06″N, 84° 3’56.63″W.

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Above: This the street leading from our house to the main road, Calle Principle.

After 2 weeks in San Jose, one of the biggest differences has been walking everywhere we go. We walk to school, to the store, to church, to the ATM, to the bread store, etc. And walking here is no easy thing, there are pot holes, crummy sidewalks, and usually trash stacked up next to the street. Strollers here are an adventure!

One place we’ve really enjoyed is the park that is only a block away. On a typical day, Lucy gets up around 6, we eat eggs, rice, and tortilla’s for breakfast, and she goes down around 8. After her nap, we usually head to one of the afore mentioned stores, and/or go visit the park.

Our park here (Parque Sauces) doesn’t have a play ground but Lucy still loves it. She likes to walk around and play in the grass, sometimes we bring her ball and kick it around, and there are always dogs or other kids for her to watch.

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Above: Sean and Lucy hanging out on the front porch.

Since we have been here, one of Lucy’s favorite spots in the house is the front porch. She can walk all around, wave to people walking buy, and ‘woof’ at the doggies. She loves the porch so much that she usually cries when we come back in side and begs to go back out.

We love watching the different kind of people who walk buy the house in a day. There are the gringos walking to Language schools, the ‘callers’ walking the streets selling their wares, the trucks and buses flying buy, cabs dropping folks off, the ice cream man, and much more. There truly never is a dull moment off our front porch.

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Sunset in San Jose

Above: Another view from our back porch, this time as the sun is setting. Our back door faces south, but we can look west over the trees for a beautiful sight at dusk.

One of the more difficult adjustments we’ve had to make here is the timing. We are much closer to the equator than the States, so the sun comes up around 5:30 AM and sets around 6:00 PM.

And not only does the sun get up early, so do all the Ticos (Costa Ricans). By 5:45 AM folks are walking to work, buses are running, neighbors are out chatting.

Neither of us are used to being up so early, nor are we used to being so exhausted at 9:00 PM. It has been an interesting change in life, but our bodies are beginning to adjust.

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San Jose, Costa Rica

Above: This is the view from our back porch looking south over the San Francisco de Dos Rios neighborhood of San Jose. Covered by the clouds is Cerro San Miguel, one of many mountains surrounding this captial city of Costa Rica.

San Jose, our new home for the next 9 months or so, is a beautiful city that sits over 1,000 m above sea level. Though there are palm trees and sunshine all around, the climate is fairly mild, ranging from 80 F in the heat of the day, down to 60 F at night. There is also a constant breeze that keeps our house cool.

We are enjoying the beauty of our new home as we explore, taste, listen, and learn from new experiences every moment.

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We’ve arrived in Costa Rica. We got in yesterday and our teammates, the Pettengills, picked us up at the airport. In the last 24 hours we’ve gone to the ATM twice, gone to the grocery store twice, stopped by our Spanish school, unpacked and set up everything, been to a Wal-Mart-ish place, the bread store, and a local tienda for water, and attended a track meet. We even squeezed in a nap or two for Lucy.

We love San Jose already, there are many colorful neighborhoods, beautiful mountains, and great weather.

The photograph above was taken across the street from our apartment. We have the entire second floor of the building, with a lock on the gate at the bottom of the stairs and on our door. It is a three bedroom flat, and we’ve made the third room into a playroom for Lucy, which she seems to enjoy already.

We’ll have more pictures soon.

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