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Hospital Clinica Biblica


A few days ago we went to downtown San Jose to tour the hospital where Lindsey will deliver our little girl. Hospital Clinica Biblica is a very nice, updated, American-style hospital with great facilities and an excellent staff. Like many hospitals, the maternity ward was the nicest spot in the building. Once inside, we didn’t know if we were in San Jose, Costa Rica or Charlotte, North Carolina. Sean is especially excited because there is a real bed in the room for the dad and wi-fi throughout the ward to accommodate our e-mail, blog, website, and Skype calls.

We have just over two months to go, and I think it finally hit us at the hospital that we are going to have another baby, not just another Lucy! Although we got through it two years ago, we almost feel just as unprepared the second time around, having forgotten much of what is involved in caring for an infant. And yet despite any trepidations we may have, we cannot wait to meet our little girl and bring her home to our new family.


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Summer Vacation Road Trip: Playa Hermosa

Above: Lucy and Lindsey watching a beautiful sunset.

The second leg of our road trip brought us through the beautiful Costa Rican province of Guanacaste to some of the best beaches in the country. Astute blog readers may remember that we have already been to Playa Hermosa, but that was a different one. This one is located in the northern part of the country, is on the Pacific coast, and consists of of a small bay with calm, warm water.

Above: Here is our only attempted family shot with the camera timer overlooking the sunset. Caleb, Uncle B, Aunt KK, Lindsey, Sean, Lucy, Necy, and DaBo.

We reserved a small sweet for the whole family and from there we could see the bay and the beautiful sunsets. We enjoyed some fun times on the beach, great food, and more fun swimming in the pool for the cousins.

Above: And of course, the new BFF’s.

The trip was quite a relaxing time of seeing the country and spending needed time with family. Although we are sad to see them go, we are excited about starting our last trimester at language school next week.

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Summer Vacation Road Trip: Volcano Arenal

Above: Lucy grinning in front of the beautiful Arenal Volcano.

Two days into our summer break from school, Lindsey’s family all flew down for a whirlwind tour of Costa Rica. We rented a van, loaded up, and headed for one of the most famous spots in Costa Rica, Vocalno Arenal. The volcano is active and you can see the steam coming off the top during the day and the red lava shining at night. We stayed at a hotel at the foot of Arenal for two nights and enjoyed hot-springs heated pools, beautiful wildlife, and the constant view of the massive volcano.

Lucy of course loved the time with family, especially her cousin Caleb. Though the hadn’t seen each other in 6 months, Skype kept them close and they were soon bonding like siblings. The loved chasing each other around, mimicking what each other said, swimming together, and talking about “big volcano.”

This first part of the trip was great, and we loved seeing more of our temporary home country.

Above: Lucy and cousin Caleb playing on Caleb’s bed on morning.

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Hot Summer Days

Above: Lu playing in a field near our house.

We’re two days into our two week summer break and we’ve been having some great family time together. We’ve done some shopping, gone to lots of parks, slept in, hung out with friends, and played a lot with Lucy.

The weather here has been hot lately. It really heats up early morning, so we like to get up and go early. Then after lunch it usually starts to rain, so we all relax and nap, still recovering from a long semester.

Lindsey’s family is coming into town tomorrow, so we’re going to have a little driving tour of Costa Rica, with pictures to come soon.

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Two Down…

Above: Lucy and Sean feeding the ducks and pigeons in Parque la Paz.

…one trimester to go. Yesterday we finished our first full trimester at language school and our second Spanish course since we’ve been here in Costa Rica. Though we’re moving up, it is amazing that the more Spanish we learn, the more we realize how far we are from fluency. Classes have been great and we seem to communicate better ever day, but we are in the midst of an uphill climb with much more ahead than behind.

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Team News

Above: Our new team website, Serving in Honduras.

We have a lot going on with our team lately and just wanted to send out a few updates.

Our teammates, the Pettengills, arrived in La Ceiba last month, and last week hosted our first short-term trip. The team was made up of doctors and nurses who worked in the local, public hospital as well as putting on a clinic in one of the poorer neighborhoods of La Ceiba. The week went great and was helpful in kicking off our ministry work in Honduras.

Also helpful in kicking off our work in our new team website. We all have individual sites/blogs, so this site is simply intended to introduce our team and ministry and be the starting point in learning about our ministry. The website is:

And lastly, we are excited to welcome some new members to our team. Three recent high school grads from the Boston area, Andy, Jamie, and Josh, will be joining us in Honduras as interns. They are taking a year off in between high school and college, so will be with us for a full school year. We are thrilled in have these new members and excited to see how we all work together in serving God in Honduars. You can see there website here.

(Both the team website and intern website have been added to our links if you want to keep tabs on them in the future.)

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Spanish Word – Mono

Above: Lucy riding with our buddy Pratt checking out some friendly monos in Manuel Antonio National Park.

A couple weeks ago, while we were at the beach, we met tons of monkeys (monos). Now Lucy has always loved monkeys the zoo, on TV, or in books, but we weren’t sure how she was going to react to monkeys in the wild. Turns out she had a mixed response.

The good: We saw a cute little squirrel monkey outside our room the first day to whet her appetite. Then over the next few days we encountered many traveling packs of white-faced monkeys both on the beach and up on the hill where we were staying. They were friendly and active and Lucy loved them. We sat out on our porch for almost half an hour watching 20 monkeys move through the trees below us, and the next day we got face-to-face with some on the beach (pictured above).

The bad: The third type of monkey we saw was the howler monkey. These guys are HUGE, as big as a big dog, and move slowly but loudly through the trees. They are intimidating and unleash some very loud roars that scared Lucy.

The ugly: On our last morning at the beach, the howler monkeys set up shop outside our room around 4 AM and started going to work. We found out later the the howlers are the loudest of the land animals and their howl can carry up to 3 miles. We of course were woken up terrified, and Lucy work up in abject fear that her short life was drawing to a quick end. She got in bed with us and somehow managed to sleep with us the rest of the morning.

Our monkey experience was fun, but Lucy will no longer think of cute little Curious George when someone mentions mono in her presence.

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Update on the Girls

Ed Note: Apologies for the long gap in between posts, won’t happen again.

Above: Lucy, Tica, and Lindsey on the beach enjoying some Poffs.

All our girls are doing good, but I thought we needed an update because they have a lot going on.

Tica: Our little girl (nicknamed Tica for now) is growing bigger and bigger every day. She is way into her third trimester and marching quickly to her due date, November 1. She is kicking and moving around, only taking a break when Daddy puts his hand up to try and feel her!

Lucy: Our big sister, is learning what it means to be a big sister. She now knows where her sister lives (though she sometimes gets confused and thinks Tica lives in her belly!) and likes to pat her. She like to take care of her babies and is getting more independent. She is learning her colors now in both languages, and can count to 10 in both as well.

Lindsey: The champ who cares for the sisters, is doing well. Though it is her second pregnancy, the third trimester is definitely harder in another country. Demands from family, home, language, and school take their toll, but she continues to be at peace as God has been watchful over all of us.

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