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Happy Birthday Lucy

Above: Our big girl in her birthday outfit: a matching birthday crown and #2 shirt, a pink boa, a white shawl, and a pink tutu.

Well we are parents of a two year old, and it has been quite a ride. At times it feel like she has been part of our life as long as we’ve been together, and at other times it feels like she just got here. She has brought so much joy to our lives that I truly cannot imagine being anyone else but Lucy’s Daddy.

When we first found out we were pregnant with here, I really wanted her to be a boy. I wanted a little boy to play with, roughhouse with, and teach how to be a little man. But now, two years into a lifetime of being a father of a little girl(s), I can’t believe I ever wished for it to be any other way.

Having a little girl who thinks I hung the moon cannot compare to anything else. I have cherished our time together and the amount of love I have been able to pour into her short life, and of course the love I have receive back tenfold. Raising a girl is no small matter, but knowing that I am the most important man in her life has caused me to love and care for her more than I could have ever imagined.

Our first two years together have brought us closer seemingly every day, so much so that I cannot wait to see what the next year holds.


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Above: The girls chillin’ out and watching Elmo.

This picture pretty much sums up our weekend. Although our lives are still full of Spanish classes, homework, English classes, time with interns, friends, and life, there is really only one thing on our mind. The baby arrival feels very close, and yet life still goes on. We spent the weekend alternating between long walks around San Jose and long naps or chill time like above. The walks to bring on the baby, the naps because we were all exhausted by the walks!

A quick Lucy update as well, she continues to get excited about Baby Tica’s arrival. She knows where her room is, she kisses Lindsey’s belly, she has certain toys waiting for her new sister, and she is even enjoys mimicking baby cries, and then telling the baby it will be ok!

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Start the Countdown

*Nobody worry, we are not in labor!!

Above: Lins posing on our front porch.

On Thursday we went to our doctor to check on the baby and see where we stand for the upcoming month. Everything looks great and he thinks Lindsey and Baby Tica (not her real name, just a nickname until she is born) are moving along quite well. In his opinion, we should welcome our little girl sometime in the next two weeks. Of course, this is just an opinion, but it seems to confirm how we all feel (well maybe just Lindsey, but I am ready for the baby too!)

Little Baby Tica has “dropped” and Lindsey’s body seems to be getting ready. She’s feeling large, and all the walking we do everyday can only help the baby come soon. We’ll try to keep you all updated on the website, and upcoming appointments. Thanks for your prayers.

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Welcome Jamie

Above: Sean, Lucy, Lindsey, Josh, Jamie, Andy.

This weekend we welcomed the last of our three interns to San Jose when Jamie flew in late Friday night. Like the guys, she is from outside the Boston area and is taking a year off after graduating high school to study Spanish with us in Costa Rica and then serve with us in Honduras.

She had a busy weekend staying with us Friday night, going to a baby shower with Lindsey on Saturday, meeting her family, and getting unpacked. Today all three start a month long intensive Spanish course before they leave for Honduras in November.

We┬┤re thrilled to finally have them all here and to start working with them and getting to know them. Lucy has already taken to the guys, daily asking for “Andyjosh” and even last night asking for Jamie to play with her in the tub. It is great having some teammates again and we look forward to all being together in Honduras soon.

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ESL, Week 2

Above: Sean teaching English Wednesday night. Sorry for the bad picture ,and please ignore the bad spelling on the whiteboard.

Wednesday night we had our second week of English classes. We taught vocab that included household items and rooms of the house. We also taught prepositions and then had the students divide up into groups and practice describing their home using prepositions and complete sentences. We’ve really enjoyed having Andy and Josh here to help us in the classes, because now we can divide up into small groups and the students have more opportunity to practice.

We have enjoyed our students so far, and even though English is very tough at the beginning levels, they are working hard and doing great.

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