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Merry Late Christmas

Above: Our beautiful little Lu.

We’ve been in the US for a week now and so far spent time in Miami, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbia, Charlotte, and Durham. We’ve had a great time with friends and family, celebrating Christmas, a wedding, a baptism, parties, and seeing so many people we have missed so much. Not much downtime to blog, but we wanted to stop by and wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless.


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Packing Up

Above: Lu testing out our carry on.

After moving 5 or 6 times in our first 3 years of marriage, we have enjoyed the last 10 months in the same apartment. But alas, we are on the move again. Tomorrow night we fly out of San Jose for Miami, where we’ll spend the night, and then on Christmas Eve morning we’ll fly to Atlanta, and then drive the Augusta for Christmas. The following days will bring us through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and back again, when we’ll fly out of Atlanta to Honduras in January.

But with all that ahead, the task for now is simply packing. We’ve said most of our good-byes, sold or given away a lot of our stuff, and now are trying to get everything into 6 50 lb bags.

We’ll continue to post while we are in the states, so check back for our travels, and then in a few weeks as we finally head to Honduras!

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Duel Citizen

Above: Ellie with her two brand new passports.

Well today we completed the final step in getting all of Ellie’s paperwork. In addition to getting her two passports, we also picked up her Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the USA from the US Embassy, and her permission to leave the country, from the Costa Rica government. All-in-all, a very successful day. Only 32 business days (including the day after she was born, Thanksgiving, and a visit from the Chinese president that shut down the government for a day) from her birth to her becoming an official duel citizen has to be some kind of record.

Now all that is left to do is pack and head out, we’ll be on US soil in 8 days!

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Above: Ellie, Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy in front of the Honduran flag.

This morning we had our graduation from language school. There were about 40 graduates heading to 12 or more countries. We processed in with our flag, heard a whole service in Spanish (and understood most of it!), and then spent the rest of the morning saying goodbye to friends and teachers we’ve meet in our time here.

It is a little strange to have an official “degree” or title that says we can speak Spanish, when all that really matters is if we can have a conversation with the guy on the street. The school here has been really good at teaching us some of the basics and structure of the language, and although we have been speaking it for almost a year now, we can’t wait to get to Honduras and continue learning.

Thank you all so much for your support during this time in school, it means the world to know that people care about us and what we are doing here in Central America.

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Last Week of School

Above: A picture of Lucy this week, her last week at school.

Above: A picture of Lucy in Feburary, her first week at school.

Well we’ve finally reached our last week here at language school. When we first started, it seemed at times like we would never speak a complete sentence in Spanish. Although at times we still feel the same, it is amazing to see how far our Spanish has come. We feel like we could stay here in school for another year, and still have some to learn, yet our time here is coming to an end.

We have graduation this Friday, and then all that remains is to pick up Ellie’s passports, pack, and fly to the US for 3 weeks before we head to Honduras in January. We are thrilled to finally be heading to Honduras, but of course we will greatly miss some of the great friends we’ve made here in San Jose, and at the language school.

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Celebration Breakfast

Above: Sean and the Grand Slam at Denny’s.

This morning we got one step closer to getting all of Ellie’s paper work completed. We headed out to the other side of town the office of “migracion” to apply for her Costa Rica passport. After a short wait, we got through the line, had all the right paperwork, and now just have to come back next week to pick it up!

Ellie has only been with us for 5 weeks, but if all goes as planned, she’ll have two passports from two countries next week, and we’ll be all set to leave Costa Rica.

To celebrate, we went down the street to Denny’s. In our 9 or so months here, not including fast food, this is only the second “American” restaurant we’ve been to. It is pretty expensive to eat “American” here, but it is so good and taste just like home!

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