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Summer Internship Opportunity


MTW Internship for the Church Planting Team in La Ceiba, Honduras:

The church planting and medical/mercy ministry team is looking for an intern to provide assistance with child care for the children of full time missionaries. The intern will provide assistance with a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old. This work will provide the parents of these children with great peace of mind and additional time to minister to the nationals. The intern will live in a private room behind the house of the family they are serving. Foreign language is not needed.

MTW is searching for someone for all or part of the summer.

If it wasn’t obvious in first reading, this official blurb refers to us, and the kids mentioned are obviously Lucy and Ellie. As we’ve begun to minister here in La Ceiba and experience life as a family, we’ve obviously had some limitations. We love having children here on the field and we try to involve them with our ministry as much as possible. They are a joy to us and others, but obviously they can’t do everything we do, and that is fine and good.


Looking ahead to this summer, we have ten short-term teams coming though here over a span of 3 months. We are excited about their work in our ministry, but needless to say it is going to be a busy summer. With full days, long hours, and ministry sites all over town, we will be run ragged, and here’s where an intern would come in. Some days our teams will be split up all over town, in need of a team member who knows the town, the ministries, and speaks the language. We’ll be working all day, morning to evening.


While a summer intern wouldn’t know La Ceiba or speak Spanish (necessarily), they would free up both Lindsey and I (Sean) to go out and work for extended periods of time. This obviously isn’t a job for everyone, but if you like kids and are interested in missions, it would be a great summer with a cool family (at least the girls) in a tropical environment. What’s not to love?


If interested, or if you know of anyone who is (individuals, families, churches, organizations, etc.) start off by shooting us an e-mail ( or giving us a call (704-365-3048), we’d love to hear from you.


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Medical Clinic

Above: Sean handing out medicine at our weekly medical clinic.

Yesterday our team put on a medical clinic in Armenia Bontio. The clinic was located in the central community center, a small building with nothing but a few benches. We show up with tables, chairs, privacy screens, and boxes and boxes full of medicine and equipment. The clinic last from 11 ’till dark, which is usually around 6.

The team has been putting these on for a few months now, so everything runs pretty smooth. There are three stations in the clinic. The first is basic info: name, age, height, weight blood pressure, general complaint. The next stop is with Erin, our nurse. Here the patient receives treatment and is also put into our new patient care software system for long-term records. Last they come to pharmacy to fill their prescriptions and be prayed for.

After one week of training last week, I was on my own this week in the pharmacy. It is a fun job that involves finding the right meds, measuring/counting them out, and then giving instructions to the patients. I really enjoyed the people interaction and a day full of Spanish practice.

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Life Under a Mango Tree


Above: Our massive backyard shade tree.

Well we’ve been in our new home now for almost 2 weeks now and we are really enjoying it. With the exception of just a few, non-essential items, we’ve pretty much set up our whole house and now we are slowly turning our attention to ministry.

One of the realities of life here in La Ceiba is that it is hot, pretty much all the time. And yet, one of the coolest places in town seems to be our back yard, right under the mango tree. The huge tree shades our entire (small) backyard all day, and also keeps half of the house cool.

Above is picture of the top of the tree, with lots of growing mangos. The one downfall to having this giant, fruit-bearing, shade tree in our back yard is the noise. The owner of the house warned us that it was noisy, but we couldn’t imagine why. Turns out a green mango free-falling 10 feet onto a tin roof can make quite a bang.

None of the falling mangos are ripe yet, but I’m sure well be posted about the yummy fruit when they are ready to eat!

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Girls Night Out

Above: A couple girls posing in Armenia Bonito.

An idea that has been tossed around on our team for the past few weeks is having a girls night out with some for the girls from the poor community of Armenia Bonito. Well we finally set a date, so on Feb 28, all the ladies from our team (Lindsey, Erin, Madison, Jamie, and Christina) will be heading out to Armenia for a fun-filled day of girl stuff.

The girls day will start with a bath in the river complete with shampoo and conditioner. This may sound odd to us, and even downright dirty, but the river water is the only bathing source for some of these girls, and pretty clean away from town.

After the baths, they’ll have makeovers with hair cuts, nail polish, and maybe even some perfume and lotion. Our ladies aren’t expert hairdressers and manicurists, but their not bad either.

Once the girls are all ready, they’ll load up on a bus to head into town. While the girls are doing their thing in the morning, the guys will be setting up a local community center like a movie theater with a big projector screen, a pizza dinner, and of course lots of popcorn.

This is an awesome opportunity for our team to show these girls the love of God. For some of them, this may be one of their only opportunities to do something this special in their childhood. We want to show them that in God’s eyes, they all have worth and value, that they are indeed loved, regardless of where they are from or how much money they have.

In order to put this event on, we’re collecting supplies in the US to bring down. Jamie (one of the interns) has a sister coming down the day before the event, so to save on shipping costs and time, she is collecting the supplies for us.

We’re looking for “beauty products” such as shampoo, conditioner, hair clips/elastics, brushes/combs, nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume, lotion, etc. This is a great chance to get your daughters, sisters, moms, granddaughters, and nieces excited about missions. If you would like to send a package, or just a bow or two, e-mail us ( or Jamie directly ( for the details.

Jamie’s sister is leaving with the supplies the last week of February, so if you’re interested, act soon. And be sure to check back after the event to see how your donation were used and how the day went!

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Boys of Armenia

Above: Some of the boys in Armenia Bonito.

We’ve only been out to this poor community 3 or 4 times, but it is fun to start building relationships with the kids there. Our teammates have been working here for months, building trust and relationships, so when we come out with them, the kids are much quicker to trust and befriend us.

The kids have come to love seeing the red truck (Mike and Erin’s) pulling into town.  They run along side and jump in as we head to the town hall for classes, club, or health clinics. It is amazing to see how quick and easy their are to befriend, and what a joy it is for us love them.

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