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Honduras Earthquake

We’re all fine.

Last night around 2:30 in the morning, a huge earthquake shook our house. We waited it out, checked on the girls, and went back to bed.  When we woke up and turned on the news, we realized it had toppled bridges, buildings, and homes in the surrounding areas and throughout Honduras and Belize.

7.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Honduras

We never lost power or water, but we’ve been out of internet and phone service for most of the morning.  It is just in the last few minutes that we’ve gotten internet back and really begun to read about the damages.

Thank you to so many of you who contacted us and were concerned about us.  We just want to let you all know that all is well with us, and to please pray for all those near us who have been affected.


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Back from Training


Above: Our Disaster Response Training class and instructors before a big hike.

For the past ten days, I have been in the US training with MTW’s Disaster Response Ministry. We spent the week in Western Pennsylvania attending classroom seminars and field demonstrations.

Disaster Response is a ministry that trains volunteers to respond to disasters around the world. Although we are not trained as first responders, we are prepared to land in a devastated area and minister soon after a disaster has struck. The ministry usually send in medical professionals, crisis counselors, and engineers, as they are most suited to fit the needs of the people.

Now if you know me at all, you know I am none of those things, and yet the teams that hit the field weeks after a disaster need untrained folks to help serve and provide in a variety of areas. Throughout the week we were trained in basics of camping, food prep, water purification, mapping/GPS, stretchers, river crossing, mine detection, and much more.

After 4 full days of training, our team hosted a mock medical clinic (with local church members as the disaster refugees). In two hours we saw a UN health inspector, a reporter from the BBC, local war lords, an angry mayor, a swine flu outbreak, a beligerant drunk, orphaned children and much more. It was a crazy morning, but a good learning experience.

Overall, the training was a great experience. I originally attended solely to be prepared for the annual hurricanes here in Central America. But after seeing the ministry and their impact all over the world after disasters, I may have to reconsider my involvement in the future.

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Disaster Response Training

Tomorrow, I (Sean) am heading off for a couple weeks of training in Pennsylvania. Mike and I are flying up to Atlanta, and then on the Pittsburgh to go through a crash course on responding to disasters.

One of Mission to the World’s many ministries is called Disaster Response Ministry. This group sends trained professionals and missionaries all around the world in the days, weeks, and months following a disaster. They go to serve the missionaries already working on the field, and seek to aid those most in need and affected by the disaster (flood, hurricane, tsunami, etc.)

We’ll be spending part of the week in a class room setting, and part of the week camping and simulating life after a disaster. The course is filled with practical tools to serve, help, and survive with few or no resources, except those things we pack in.

It will be a full week of traveling and training, but hopefully well worth it to be able to serve in this ministry, especially in Honduras and Central America. Of course the downside is being away from Lins and the girls for so long, but they have Grandma coming in to visit, so they’ll hardly even notice I am gone!

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