McCanns in Honduras

Let the nations be glad & sing for joy!

Peaceful Elections

Yesterday, November 29, the nation of Honduras held it’s presidential election.  Every four years, in November, Honduras holds elections for a new president, mayors, an congressmen, and this year was no different.

The day-after reports speak overwhelmingly of peaceful voting all over the country.  Our old president Zelaya is still living out of the Brazilian embassy in the capital, but he was relatively quiet yesterday.  There were some reports of threats against voters, which kept some people home, but it seems like there was a pretty high turnout all over Honduras.

Despite the fact that churches and some businesses were closed yesterday, we still ventured out to the park downtown and went out for lunch and a walk.  As usually during the 6 month crisis, La Ceiba has been amazingly quiet and peaceful.

The peace that reigned through the day is being declared a huge victory for Honduras.  No one seems to care too much who won the elections, but rather than someone won, and that he was democratically elected.  Though the elections will not be recognized by all the internationally community, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the political crisis.


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Kids Club

Since we’ve been back from the US, we’ve hosted our past two weekly Kids Clubs in the community center hiding out from the rain.  Rainy season is gaining steam here in La Ceiba, and although it is not a constant factor, we have to be mindful every afternoon of what the weather will bring.

Fortunately, we have the use of the community center, and on rainy days it turns into a soccer field, a jump rope spot, and a place of general craziness.

It has been a fun couple of weeks trying to corral 30 kids and teach some semblance of a bible lesson with rain pounding on the tin roof.


Here were are with some of the kids during a dry spell.  Can you spot our kids?

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Girls Nights

With all that has been going on lately, I forget to post pictures of the last few girls nights.

Over the past few months, Lindsey and Erin have been treating some of the older girls in Armenia to nights out on the town.  The night includes Pizza Hut, games, ice cream, and Lindsey’s testimony.  The girls love the chance to visit our house and be spoiled for a night.


Pictured above (please excuse the spelling): Blanca Estella, Bethany, Katia, Sylvia, Erin, Sari, Vilma, Jennifer, Blanca Luz, Gabby, Madison, Alejandra, Patricia, Katie, Lindsey, and Demaris.


Lindsey, Hassie, Lucy, Nancy, Iris, Erin, Sadie, Indira, Sarah, Alejandra, Joana, Alysia, and Maddison.

(Not pictured are Lailie and Jessica, they were too cool for the picture.)

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Thursday Health Clinic

Today we had our weekly health clinic in Armenia Bonito.  Unlike most Thursdays, we had a pretty small crowd today.  As we were driving in for clinic, it was raining pretty hard, so we think that must have kept most folks away.

It was a good thing too, because Erin and I were the only ones around to work the clinic today.  6 months ago, this would have been a big problems, but we’ve been working with 3 or 4 teenagers from the community and now they are integral parts of our clinic.  They faithfully come to clinic and serve in whatever capacity we need that week.


In the picture above, Eduardo is helping me out at the pharmacy.  It is an interesting story about Eduardo and the health clinic.  When we first got here, he had been helping out Andy, the previous pharmacist.  But when it was Andy’s time to train me, he got very threatened by my presence and left.  It took about four months, but he finally came back and has been more helpful than ever.  One of our families highlights from the last month has been getting to know his family better and becoming good friends.

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