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Well the heat has returned to La Ceiba.  After months of cool(er) nights and rainy afternoons once a week, we’ve officially left the rainy season and entered the dry season (although dry is a misnomer, with oppressive humidity and constant sweating, it is hard to call anything around here dry).

The girls have found the best way to beat the heat, befriend someone with a pool!  We have a little front yard pool, but it can’t compare to this big one Lucy is sharing with her friends, Big Lucy and Suzanna.


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Soccer Tournament

This past weekend we hosted a soccer tournament for 40 boys from Armenia.  We picked up the excited boys in the morning and headed into town.  Here they are on the bus.

We went to a local soccer facility with two indoor fields.  We split the boys up into two leagues, 10-12 years old and 13-16.  The boys played 20 minute games, with short breaks in between.

After two hours of games, we took a break for a skills competition.  But before the competition, we had a local pastor come in and speak to the kids.  This was by far the best part of the day.  Pastor Mizael grew up an orphan on the streets, so he really held the kids attention and was able to speak to them in ways we never could.

After the message, we started the elimination rounds of the tournament to crown our two champions.  Here is the champion of the younger boys.  They were definitely not the strongest side, but they had the best goalie (far left), and one of the best goal scorers of the tournament (second from right).

It was be far one of the most exhausting ministry events we have done.  The boys crashed on the bus on the way home, and Mike and I are still sore from the long day, but it was well worth it.

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