McCanns in Honduras

Let the nations be glad & sing for joy!

Biannual Pastors Conference

It’s that time of year again.  Since our team has started here in Honduras, we have hosted a pastors conference every six months, with this weekends conference being our third installment.

Our flyer that went out to hundreds of churches.

So far we’ve covered the themes of Living in Grace and Jesus in the Old Testament.  Upon request, this months conference is on Marriage.  Our speaker brings years of experience in Chili and Mexico, as well as knowledge and insight on marriage both from his own life and from years of study.

This is an exciting opportunity for us for a couple of reasons.  At our last conference, we asked what people would like the next conference to cover, and an vast majority of the responses were for marriage.  It is also a big issue here in Honduras.  I don’t know any of the stats or divorce rates, but just from experience we know of many broken families, families dealing with drugs/alcohol, violence, and unemployment, and so many cases where the man has simply left his wife and children high and dry.

After many man hours of prep and advertising, inviting well over 100 churches and ministries, we are excited to see what the weekend holds in store.

Please pray for our pastors/leaders, their marriages, and their time at the conference Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


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Kids go to the Beach

Last Saturday, the ladies on our team brought a big group of girls from Armenia for a morning at the beach.  The had a fun time swimming, playing, coloring, and lunching on pizza and watermelon.  I kept our girls all day so Lindsey could have her hands free, but they weren’t free for long.  She ended up spending most of the morning as the default lifeguard on the beach, but she was more of a buoy/life raft for the girls.

Look hard and you can spot the blue shirt keeping all the other girls afloat.

She came home weary and exhausted, with sore arms and back.  I am not sure who takes more out of her, the Armenia girls or the McCann girls!

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Tuesday with the Kids

Tuesdays this year have been days were we focus our attention on our kids and youth ministries.  We’ve sought out some specific kids to lead through Bible studies once a week.  Every Tuesday, one of the girls on our teams meets with a couple girls, while one of the guys meets with some of the boys.  In addition to our small group meetings, we also have our weekly kids club with singing, Bible skits and messages, and crafts.

Boys Discipleship

After lunch, Mike and I head out to Armenia to start our busy day.  This week, Mike played soccer with some of the boys while I met with George and Walter.  We are slowly making our way through a Spanish study for kids on the Christian Life.  For any of us raised in the church, the study would be a bit repetitive, but for these boys, it is constantly teaching new concepts.  Neither of the boys have ever read the Bible, so just finding the verses can be a chore!  Some days they seem to enjoy the study, others they just want to sleep or go outside, just like me at their age.

Kids Club

For Kids Club, we had a smaller crowd, so I just talked with the kids for a while about families.  We talked about their families, problems we have with their families, how no family is perfect, but in God we have the perfect loving Father and in Jesus we have a brother who gives his life for us.  Afterwards the kids painted pictures of their families, which I think they enjoyed.

Girls Discipleship

After Kids Club, I took Lucy and Ellie out to the soccer field to play while Lins met with Nancy and Alicia.  These girls have a bit more of a Christian background than the boys, so the conversation is much deeper.  The girls really have enjoyed their time with Lindsey, and she has loved meeting with them.

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Health Clinic Update

It’s been a while since we posted information about health clinic, and it’s about time, since health clinic has changed a lot lately.

When we started our weekly Armenia health clinic well over a year ago, it was just Mike and Erin trying new ideas and juggling too many responsibilities.  After a few months, lots of new teammates arrived to help, so when we got here I we able to slowly learn all the positions from all the folks working the clinic.  After they all left and our summer teams ended, clinic fell into a consistent pattern of Mike working our triage, Erin doing her provider care (the only thing that has never changed), and me working pharmacy.

Above: Sean and Eduardo, our experienced helper who can't work anymore because of afternoon classes at tech school.

Well in the last few months, things have started to change again.  First, a kind woman named Beatrice, who lives in the community, volunteered to help Mike in triage.  Over a few weeks, he trained her to take names, vitals, complaint, and eventually, to take BP and blood sugar.  Beatrice now runs triage by herself, with occasional help from Alicia, one of our teenage girl helpers.

The other big change came one day when a local Honduran doctor showed up to volunteer.  He had heard about our free clinic through the grapevine, and wanted to help out.  For the past 4 or 5 weeks, he has been very consistent and seen lots of patients.  With him and Erin working together, our daily patient load has almost doubled, up to 60 patients a day.

This jump in patients and a new doctor has caused a big change in how pharmacy runs.  Erin has always set up her clinic in such a way that us “non-skilled” workers can serve and help.  Pharmacy is very dumbed down for me (and any else who works there).  The only problem is that now our new doctor is a little confused about why the “Pharmacist” knows absolutely nothing about pharmacy!

He, and Erin, have been very patient with my slow learning curve, my repetitive questions, and my almost inability to read a Honduran doctor’s poor Spanish handwriting.  If you thought a doctors prescription in English is hard to read, try Spanish!

Above: Me with my new full-time helper, Adan. Notice the affects of the heat and new patient load.

Clinic days are now much harder than they used to be, but at the same time so very fulfilling.  Providing free medical care for 60 poverty-stricken people in under 5 hours may be a whirlwind, but it is a joy to share the love and grace of Christ in such a physical and tangible way.

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New Teammates

Last night was a big night for our team.  In one fell swoop, our team more than doubled in size, and the balance of an adult-heavy team has been drastically altered to a team where the kids outnumber the adults.

Our new teammates, John and Kathy, arrived with the four kids in tow.  The kids are exhausted and hot, but have already been great playmates to our girls, and to Madison as well.  They’ve been carrying around Ellie, running with Lucy, and keeping the girls more than entertained.

But more than just the kids, we are excited to have John and Kathy join our team.  They have over 4 years of ministry experience in Latin America, while John brings along a lifetime of construction experience.  They feel called to work on our construction projects and serve in hosting our short-term teams.  We are excited to have their new gifts and personalities join our team.  I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about them here in the years to come.

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