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Kids Club

This past Tuesday was our 4th week of teaching the 10 commandments.  We talked about keeping the sabbath day holy.  This is sort of a strange concept for the kids, so we boiled the commandment down to resting from work and going to church on Sundays.  After songs, games, and the lesson, they colored a picture of a church, found all the words from the commandment in a “word search” and decorated their own cross to take home.

Lucy sitting with the boys, who are all amazingly paying close attention (except for Tony, the blur in the background!):

Here is the final craft:


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This fall we’re continuing our discipleship program with our three scholarship kids.  We meet with George, Nancy, and Alicia once a week to read the bible, study, and pray.

George was one of the first kids we met here as he was already hanging around with Mike and Erin.  I remember our first day in Armenia we were playing on the soccer field and George fell hard and lay on the ground crying.  Now he is too cool to even say hello some days.  Man what a difference a few years make!

George last January:

George today:

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School Foundation

Here are a few photos from the foundation that has been started on the school. If you’re keeping track, this is building #3.  The guys recently completed the guard house/storage shed, and they are taking a break from the soccer field to lay the foundation on the future school.

Delivering a load of dirt to make cement and fill the foundation:

Looking from the school foundation back towards the guard house and the soccer field:

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Girls Night Out

Last Friday night Lindsey and Kathy hosted 8 high school girls to a night of games and homemade pizza.

Here are some pictures with Alicia, Nancy, Patirica, Sairy, Leili, Joanna, Jessica, and Jumari.

Making pizza:

Enjoying the pizza:


Playing games:

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Vitamin Distribution

With Mike and Erin gone, the medical part of our ministries has taken a pretty serious hit.  Erin ran weekly clinics, made house visits, and organized all of our other medical outreaches.  But though they are missed, not all is lost.

Today we spent the morning giving out children, adult, and even some prenatal vitamins to the folks in Armenia Bonito.  It was a slow morning (by our usual standards) but we still gave out monthly supplies of vitamins to about 70 people.

The sign-in sheet:

Lucy checking our work:

Some happy customers:

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Dia del Nino

Last Friday was Dia del Nino here in Honduras, it’s like Mother or Fathers Day, but for kids.  All the kids get dressed up and they have a big celebration at school with a pinata and candy.

After their school celebration, we hosted a small party for some of the kids with games, songs, a message from Veggie Tales, presents for all the kids, and an all-American hot dog lunch.

Giant T-Shirt relay race:

Singing with some help from Lucy:

Kathy reading the Veggie Tales story:

Lindsey handing out gift bags:

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Armenia Property: Building Update

There has been lots of construction activity on our ministry property the past few weeks, so here are some updated pictures of what is going on.

The front gate to the property and the nearly completed storage shed/guard house:

The concrete columns to support the roof of the soccer field:

The completed wall and roof supports:

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English Classes

One of our weekly ministries out in Armenia Bonito is teaching English classes.  This fall Kathy has taken over the classes and is doing an awesome job at engaging the kids and getting the excited about learning (not an easy task when they’ve been in class all morning).

Here they are practicing their alphabet, numbers, and letters.  They also are practicing memorizing Psalm 23 in English, which promises to be a difficult task!

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Pray for Our Teammates

Erin, Madison, and Mike Pettengill

Our Team Leader Mike, his wife Erin, and their dog Max have left La Ceiba for a 7 month furlough in the US. Our mission calls this time Home Missionary Assignment, because although they are not serving in Honduras, they are still working as missionaries.

They will spend their time in the US visiting churches and families, attending mission conferences, going through training with our agency, raising support, and spending some time with friends and family.

Please pray for their safe travel and transition back into the US, for their training and support raising, for their daughter Madison and her new home school curriculum, and for their resting and reconnection with supporters, friends, and family.

We will miss them while they are gone and look forward to welcoming them home next spring.

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Fall Kids Club

This week we started a new series for our weekly Kids Club.  Over the summer our various teams that come down bring fun games and lessons and crafts for the kids, so I don’t have to do much of the planning work.  But now, since the summer is over, it’s back to planning.

So this fall we’re going to go through the 10 Commandments with the kids, looking at a commandment each week.  Most of the kids know some of these, but their understanding of them is (for the most part) that they are a set of rules to follow so that God loves them more.  Kind of like rules in the classroom, that if they keep them all, the teacher will like them more and they will get a better grade.

We hope this study will be a chance for us to point them towards seeing the law (those rules in the Bible that tell us what we should and shouldn’t do) not as a way to earn God’s love, but how we freely receive it when we break the law.

The kids know they don’t perfectly obey all the commandments (no one does), yet we want them to see that Jesus did obey them perfectly, and because of that he offers them his free love.

Hopefully by showing them God’s perfect standard and their inability to live up to it, they will learn about his loving grace and mercy.

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