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Happy Birthday Ellie

Today our little Nancy Elliot turns 2.  Her birthday is the last of our three girls in October, but well worth the wait.  Ellie has been growing and changing before our eyes almost daily.  For the longest time she was such a runner and climber, but was behind in her language.  But lately her vocab is increasing daily and she loves to pray and sing for long periods of time.

We had a great day celebrating our girls, eating waffles and sprinkles, and hosting a big Curious George party.  Happy birthday Ellie.


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More Commandments in Kids Club

Among the excitement of welcoming our little baby in this world, we still had some ministry going on.

In the few weeks around Anna’s birth were covering the sixth and seventh of the Ten Commandments (the commands against murder and adultery).  Although these don’t seem like the most applicable themes for elementary kids, they speak to the reality of their lives.  The majority of kids here don’t have a father living at home, usually because he has ran off and is with another women.  Even worse than problems at home, these kids know about violence and murder.  In the couple of years we’ve been ministering in Armenia, there have been a handful of murders and many acts of violence.

The kids know and experience this environment from a young age, so they know the depths of the brokenness of this world.  God’s word doesn’t just confirm to us that the world is broken and in rebellion against God, but it also gives us the good new of Jesus, and the salvation and peace that he brings.

I know it is hard for the kids to understand this among the pain and reality of life they see every day, but our prayer is that they would know the peace that comes only from God and it would begin to change their homes and their communities.

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Back Home in La Ceiba

We’re all back home, safe and sound, in La Ceiba.  We had a great few days in San Pedro, and braved the rain to make it back to Ceiba.  Anna even gave us all a break by sleeping the whole 3 hour drive home.  Now were settled in, getting to know our little one, and slowly getting back into our everyday life.  Anna is eating and sleeping well, and generally making our adjustment fairly stress free.

Here is my favorite picture of two of my beautiful ladies from the last few days:

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Anna Hunt McCann is Here

Our little girl is finally here. Anna was born at 1:50 PM here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces, and is 20 inches long.

The delivery went well and Anna came out quick.  Afterwards we had a long wait for Lindsey in recovery and for our room to be ready, but we’re now all here and settled in for the night

Lucy and Ellie have come by to visit, and Lucy especially loved holding her newest little sister.

Thank you all for your concern, encouragement, and prayer.  We love you all.

We’ll be posting pictures on our family blog: Adventures of Lucy and Ellie (although the title is now outdated!)

Good night.


Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, Ellie, and Anna McCann

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In San Pedro Sula

Just a quick post today to let you all know that we are in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Last week our doctor checked Lindsey and the baby, and said the baby is ready to come on out.  We came in last night, today we’ve picking up Lindsey’s parents at the airport and visited the hospital,  and tomorrow afternoon we have planned a schedueled Ceserian birth.

We appreciate you prayers for Lindsey, the baby, and the doctors.  Check back tomorrow for some news!

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Armenia Property Update: Poured Floor

270 bags of cement  +  810 wheelbarrows of dirt  +  19,000 gallons of water  +  10 workers  +  5 full days  =  1 4″ thick concrete slab floor for a soccer field/assembly hall.

In case you are wondering, it’s been raining for the last 24 hours, so that’s why the field looks like a tropical ice skating rink.

Next step: tin roof.

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Area Conference in Mexico

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Mexico, where our sending organization, Mission the the World, hosted a conference for all of the missionaries in Latin America.  There were over 300 other missionaries, so it was great to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and hear lots of challenging and encouraging messages and seminars.  Our days were filled with conferences and seminars, but of course with our girls, we got to grab some family time at the beach and by the pool!  One day we even went to a local zoo, where the girls loved seeing the big cats, especially this jaguar:


One of the best part of the trip was catching up with teammates.  Our team is currently spread out in Honduras, Costa Rica, and the US, so it was great to converge in Mexico to reunite and enjoy some fellowship together.  Here were are all together:

Another highlight of the trip was the care provided by the children’s ministry staff.  While Lins and I were in meetings for 4 hours a day, our girls were being loved and cared for.  Ellie especially enjoyed her nursery where she was the star of the show.  She never once cried and would always give all of her teachers big hugs.  Maybe part of that was knowing that as soon as we picked her up, we’d head out for some ice cream!

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Downtown Property Update

In the midst of our ongoing work in Armenia, our team recently broke ground on another construction project, this one in town.  On our lot near downtown La Ceiba, we have plans to build a dorm facility to house and feed short-term work teams, a health clinic, a street children drop-in center, and classrooms.  Our builder, John, and his team of workers have been working hard to clear ground and get a wall up.

Here are some pictures of their recent work.

The beautiful, and shiny, temporary wall across the front of the lot:

The same wall from inside the lot, with the trench already dug to pour the permanant wall:

Pills of dirt and rocks for the foundation and cement making:

Lucy posing proudly atop her concured rock pile:

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3 Weeks!!

It’s been a long haul and a hot summer, but we are only 3 weeks away from welcoming our third little girl to our family.  Our house is ready (for the most part), we’ve had the baby shower, and our plans are set, all that is left is the little guest of honor herself.

In three weeks we’ll head to San Pedro Sula and stay in a hotel for the night.  The next day we’ll head to the hospital for a scheduled cesarian.  We can’t wait for the day to arrive, and we’ll keep the blog updated.

Please pray for Lindsey and our little girl over these three weeks.

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Happy Birthday Eduardo

Today is Eduardo’s birthday.

Despite our rocky relationship through the years, he has been a faithful friend and source of both encouragement and humility.  When he isn’t at tech school, he loves to hang around and help out.  He doesn’t have a father and his mother lives out on one of the islands.  Although he has been forced to grow up fast, he much prefers to hang with younger kids or lay low at home.

Helping out in clinic and Kids Club:

Like most kids in Honduras, he adores futbol, especially his beloved Motagua, one of the teams from the capital.  They came to town last week, so for his birthday we had him and a friend over for dinner (We had some southern food upon request.  He told me on the phone, “Yo quiero el barr-bi-que de Lindsey”) and went to the game.  We even found a jersey small enough to fit his skinny frame!

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