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Checking in Downtown

Ellie peeking out of the bodega.

Work on our downtown property is continuing to fly right along.  Our guys have finished the bodega, built the front wall, and dug the foundation for our dorm facility.  Here are some of the latest pics:

Digging the foundation. Not an easy task with neighboring walls and not much room to put the dirt.

These next two are looking in from the street:

The door to our future medical clinic.

The door to our future street children ministry.



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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and the 4th of July are always bittersweet times to be so far away from home, so we always work extra hard to make the day extra special.  Our team (specifically the ladies) spent hours cooking some amazing food, which we then spent hours attempting to devour.

US holidays away from home are hard, but they sure are made easier with an awesome group like this:

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End of Term English Party

This fall, Kathy has been teaching our English classes in Armenia.  She has done an amazing job of teaching the kids.  She alway has a well-planned lesson, teaches with joy and enthusiasm, and is loved by the kids.  I’ll be teaching the class for the next few months, and there is no way I can live up to her standard.


Nancy, Sairi, Patricia, Keidi, Maylien, Anna, Lindsey, and Katerine.

Her series ended last week, so she hosted a party at her house for all of the students.  It was a great time to hang out and celebrate with the kids.  For the kids, the highlights of the day were jumping on the trampoline, playing Mario Kart on the Wii, eating pizza, playing cards, and playing soccer in the street.


The whole group, happy and full of pizza.

Lindsey and I had a great time, and it was a good chance for lots of the kids to meet Anna for the first time.  Congrats to all the kids on their English success, and Kathy for an awesome class and even better party.

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Medical Days

Vitamin Drive

On Thursday we brought out hundreds of vitamins for kids and adults in Armenia and gave away dozens of bags.  Not as many folks came as the last time we gave out vitamins, but many still walked away happy and healthier.

Medical Clinic

John, Eduardo, Wilson, and Sean working away in the pharmacy.

The following day we hosted our first med clinic in a while.  For the past year or two, Mike, Erin, and I have gone out every week for clinic.  We had our system and routine down pat.  With new people working at every position this week, we had a bit of a learning curve, but all went off well.  We saw lots patients ranging from the common cold to a teenager with heart issues to pregnancies.  Our new teammates did great in their new roles and we look forward to hosting another clinic next month.

Our Honduran doctor volunteered his entire morning to serve alongside us.



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School Supplies Drive

One of our annual ministries here in La Ceiba is to collect and distribute school supplies to the needy children who cannot afford to but their own.  It has been a wonderful ministry to bless and care for the kids in the community, as well as provide donors in the US an opportunity to give towards a specific need.  The past two supply distributions went great (2009 and 2010), and we’re anticipating an even bigger event this year.

Blanca Estella, happy about her gift, but embarrassed by the camera.

We collect the usual school supplies that kids have in the US: pencils, pens, markers, glue, spiral bound notebooks, erasers, colored pencils, rulers, scissors, tape, calculators, etc.

If you are interested in giving here’s how:

The kids go on their winter break this month, and then classes start back up in February, so we’d ask that any donations be sent in by the end of the year.  Please send donations here:
Sean & Lindsey McCann
P.O. Box 171
La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras

Let us know if you would rather send money and our team can purchase the supplies here in Honduras.

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Anna Update

Well we’re two weeks into our lives with 3 kids and, although life is pretty chaotic, it’s going well.  Our first set of helping hands (ie: grandparents) left last week, but another set is coming in a few days.  In the meantime we’re all enjoying getting to know little Anna.  Lucy and Ellie love to hold her and touch her all over, and then the next minute forget she is even in the room.  Though the don’t seem jealous of Anna, the definitely are showing signs of needing more parental attention (nothing a little grandparent love can’t help).

Lindsey is recovering very well from surgery (like she always seems to do) and is back on her feet working around the house.  This week we’re trying to take some time off from ministry, but we’re also gearing up for a busy stretch up until Christmas.

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Growing Team

In the last week or two, we’ve added two new teammates (and we’re not done yet!)

Anna of course joined us last week.  Although she doesn’t quite pull her weight around here yet, we still love her!

On Monday, our new teammate Bethany arrived, fresh out of language school.  We are thrilled to have her join our team as an intern for the next year.  She has lots of experience and education in mission work, but more importantly she is excited to minister and already has a heart for the kids out in Armenia Bonito.  She’ll help out in our kids and English ministries, which will be much appreciated.  With new babies, lots of kids in school, and two major construction projects going on, out team is stretched a little thin these days, so she arrives at a great time for us.

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