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Final Construction Update

Over a year ago, our team started down the path of constructing two ministry centers.  Although these projects have not been the main focus of our ministry, we’ve still been involved in planning, leadership, and construction.

Armenia Bonito

We started construction on this ministry center over a year ago and haven’t stopped since.  The facility is located on a 2 acre property in the middle of Armenia and will house a number of different buildings.  The first major building to be completed will be the Christian high school, followed closely behind be the soccer field.  In the coming years the team will oversee the construction of a medical clinic and hopefully their first church plant in Armenia.

Through the project the team will minister to the community through the avenues of medicine, sports, education, and faith.  Our team’s outreach will always be relationally based, but the project adds structure and permanence to our work.

La Isla

This project has been going one since last summer when our first job was clearing out a lot overflowing with trash.  Unlike the one in Armenia, it will be used for two different, but interrelated, purposes.  The first is housing short term work teams from the US.  The current construction is on a large dorm facility that will be able to house and feed over 60 people at once, as well as a few small apartments for interns.  In the front of the property will be various buildings situated to reach out into the community of La Isla.  They will house a medical clinic and a street children outreach center, as well as a seminary for local pastors.  A few days ago the guys worked all day pouring the second floor:

As I said before, our work here has not centered around the buildings, but around people.  One thing about working with people (similar to raising kids) is that the change is not so obvious and apparent.  We know God has used us in many ways, but the evidences of that work are not as simple as pointing to a building that was once an empty lot.  We look at these buildings then as symbols of the relational and spiritual work that God has done in people’s hearts through us.  Hearts that were once barren and filled with trash now have the kingdom of God growing in them.  Just as these constuction projects give hope where there once was none, we have seen greater hope built in the lives of Eduardo, Wilma, Samuel, Oneida, Ariel and Ever, Casandra and Erika, Argentina, Carlos and Tony, Gracie, Sergio and so many more.

The kingdom of God is spreading here in Honduras, both physically and spiritually, and it has been a joy to have been a part for these past few years.


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