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A Different Thanksgiving

Above: Lindsey, Ellie, Lucy, and Sean finishing up Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday we celebrated our first Thanksgiving overseas, and my (Sean) first Thanksgiving ever away from my family. It was an interesting mix of emotions, and without the usual routine, it was hard to realize that it really was Thanksgiving, that is until the food was served. Although we were far from the US, we tried to continue some of the traditions, with a Spanish twist.

– Instead of starting off the day cooking and watching the parade, we stared it off at school, with a grammar test!
– After school the girls starting cooking, with limited pots/pans, a small over, and only three working burners on the stove, while the guys watched some football, in Spanish.
– A quick football game followed, on a futbol field none the less. I don’t think the people who walked by had a clue what we were doing, but we loved it.
– Next, instead of turkey, we went to Pollo Rey (Chicken King) to pick up some chickens.
– And finally the feast, one any good American would be proud of.

We loved the day, and I especially want to thank Lindsey for working so hard to bring some of my favorite foods and traditions to Costa Rica so we didn’t feel quite so far from home.

Hope you’re Thanksgiving was great as well!


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The First Three Weeks

Above: Lucy watching Ellie.

Three weeks after becoming the father of not one, but now two beautiful girls, we are finally starting to get our feet under us. Life has been busy, awesome, crazy, peaceful, exhausting, rewarding, confusing, and sleep-less, all rolled into one. Here are some brief highlights:

– Lucy either ignores Ellie, or smothers her with attention. Sometimes she’ll see her, and run up and start yelling “Hi Ellie, Hi Ellie!!”
– We took the girls out the other night to our final English Class. We visited with some of our students and everyone got to see the new baby. They did great, although it was a bit crazy trying to do it all.
– Ellie’s crying doesn’t seem to bother Lucy, she just keeps talking right through it.
– Ellie blessed us the other night by not waking up until 3 AM. We had almost 6 straight hours of sleep. Bliss.
– It looks like we can pick up Ellie’s birth certificate next week, which would be a huge step in us making it home for Christmas.

Those are just some quick hits of the last few weeks, we’ve got a lot going on over the next few months, so stay tuned as we leave Costa Rica, visit our families in the US, and arrive in Honduras in January.

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My Three Girls

Above: Lucy, Lindsey, and our newest, Nancy Elliot (Ellie).

On Thursday night at 8:15 pm Costa Rica time we welcomed our newest little girl to the family. We are so thrilled that she is finally here, we feel like we have been waiting forever! Lindsey was so brave to go through the whole thing. She had to be separated from me for a while, her doctors talked lot of Spanish, and she had to wait in a very cold OR. Just like she did with Lucy, she was amazing throughout the whole surgery and recovery. Somehow she manages to be one of the bravest woman I have ever met, while also being the most beautiful. I have no idea how she does it, but I am so blessed to have her.

Ellie has be great since we got here. Lindsey had to wait for a long time in the recovery room, and we couldn’t go and visit her, so it was just Ellie and I in our room for the first 2 hours of her life. I loved the special time with her, but was really missing Lins the whole time.

We’ve been home now for a day, and all is going well. Lucy is slowly learning what this new thing is in her house, and at times can be amazingly sweet and caring.

I love life with my three girls, and although it is exhausting, I couldn’t have it any other way!

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Above: The girls chillin’ out and watching Elmo.

This picture pretty much sums up our weekend. Although our lives are still full of Spanish classes, homework, English classes, time with interns, friends, and life, there is really only one thing on our mind. The baby arrival feels very close, and yet life still goes on. We spent the weekend alternating between long walks around San Jose and long naps or chill time like above. The walks to bring on the baby, the naps because we were all exhausted by the walks!

A quick Lucy update as well, she continues to get excited about Baby Tica’s arrival. She knows where her room is, she kisses Lindsey’s belly, she has certain toys waiting for her new sister, and she is even enjoys mimicking baby cries, and then telling the baby it will be ok!

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Start the Countdown

*Nobody worry, we are not in labor!!

Above: Lins posing on our front porch.

On Thursday we went to our doctor to check on the baby and see where we stand for the upcoming month. Everything looks great and he thinks Lindsey and Baby Tica (not her real name, just a nickname until she is born) are moving along quite well. In his opinion, we should welcome our little girl sometime in the next two weeks. Of course, this is just an opinion, but it seems to confirm how we all feel (well maybe just Lindsey, but I am ready for the baby too!)

Little Baby Tica has “dropped” and Lindsey’s body seems to be getting ready. She’s feeling large, and all the walking we do everyday can only help the baby come soon. We’ll try to keep you all updated on the website, and upcoming appointments. Thanks for your prayers.

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Welcome Jamie

Above: Sean, Lucy, Lindsey, Josh, Jamie, Andy.

This weekend we welcomed the last of our three interns to San Jose when Jamie flew in late Friday night. Like the guys, she is from outside the Boston area and is taking a year off after graduating high school to study Spanish with us in Costa Rica and then serve with us in Honduras.

She had a busy weekend staying with us Friday night, going to a baby shower with Lindsey on Saturday, meeting her family, and getting unpacked. Today all three start a month long intensive Spanish course before they leave for Honduras in November.

We´re thrilled to finally have them all here and to start working with them and getting to know them. Lucy has already taken to the guys, daily asking for “Andyjosh” and even last night asking for Jamie to play with her in the tub. It is great having some teammates again and we look forward to all being together in Honduras soon.

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Summer’s Over

Above: Lucy enjoying some homemade, chocolate pancakes, one of our many family fun activities on our “summer” break.

Well as of tomorrow morning, our summer break from school is officially over. Calling it a summer break is a bit generous, but our 2 weeks off from school was a relaxing break and a needed time of for our family to spend together.

Some of the highlights of our break include:
– Traveling with Lindsey’s family.
– Translating and speaking lots of Spanish on our travel.
– Sleeping in lots!
– Spending nights reviewing Spanish grammar.
– Lots of relaxing time with family and friends.
– Relaxing (or trying to) while reading a Spanish novel (or trying to).
– Beating the rain by going to the park almost every morning.
– Killing time while it rains reviewing irregular verb tenses.
– Homemade, chocolate pancakes.

We had a great break of relaxing with our family and trying to keep studying Spanish (the whole reason we’re here). We really enjoyed this time with just the three of us and can wait for the months to come as we study Spanish, attempt to learn the subjunctive tense, welcome our little girl to the family, and move to Honduras!

We’re hoping this restful break will last through the new year and beyond!

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Hospital Clinica Biblica


A few days ago we went to downtown San Jose to tour the hospital where Lindsey will deliver our little girl. Hospital Clinica Biblica is a very nice, updated, American-style hospital with great facilities and an excellent staff. Like many hospitals, the maternity ward was the nicest spot in the building. Once inside, we didn’t know if we were in San Jose, Costa Rica or Charlotte, North Carolina. Sean is especially excited because there is a real bed in the room for the dad and wi-fi throughout the ward to accommodate our e-mail, blog, website, and Skype calls.

We have just over two months to go, and I think it finally hit us at the hospital that we are going to have another baby, not just another Lucy! Although we got through it two years ago, we almost feel just as unprepared the second time around, having forgotten much of what is involved in caring for an infant. And yet despite any trepidations we may have, we cannot wait to meet our little girl and bring her home to our new family.

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Summer Vacation Road Trip: Playa Hermosa

Above: Lucy and Lindsey watching a beautiful sunset.

The second leg of our road trip brought us through the beautiful Costa Rican province of Guanacaste to some of the best beaches in the country. Astute blog readers may remember that we have already been to Playa Hermosa, but that was a different one. This one is located in the northern part of the country, is on the Pacific coast, and consists of of a small bay with calm, warm water.

Above: Here is our only attempted family shot with the camera timer overlooking the sunset. Caleb, Uncle B, Aunt KK, Lindsey, Sean, Lucy, Necy, and DaBo.

We reserved a small sweet for the whole family and from there we could see the bay and the beautiful sunsets. We enjoyed some fun times on the beach, great food, and more fun swimming in the pool for the cousins.

Above: And of course, the new BFF’s.

The trip was quite a relaxing time of seeing the country and spending needed time with family. Although we are sad to see them go, we are excited about starting our last trimester at language school next week.

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Summer Vacation Road Trip: Volcano Arenal

Above: Lucy grinning in front of the beautiful Arenal Volcano.

Two days into our summer break from school, Lindsey’s family all flew down for a whirlwind tour of Costa Rica. We rented a van, loaded up, and headed for one of the most famous spots in Costa Rica, Vocalno Arenal. The volcano is active and you can see the steam coming off the top during the day and the red lava shining at night. We stayed at a hotel at the foot of Arenal for two nights and enjoyed hot-springs heated pools, beautiful wildlife, and the constant view of the massive volcano.

Lucy of course loved the time with family, especially her cousin Caleb. Though the hadn’t seen each other in 6 months, Skype kept them close and they were soon bonding like siblings. The loved chasing each other around, mimicking what each other said, swimming together, and talking about “big volcano.”

This first part of the trip was great, and we loved seeing more of our temporary home country.

Above: Lucy and cousin Caleb playing on Caleb’s bed on morning.

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