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Felix Aftermath

As the death toll rises in Honduras and Nicaragua, 98 at the latest count, rescue efforts have begun to search for the many stranded survivors. The worst part of the hurricane hit in the Northeast parts of Honduras and Nicaragua, an area mostly populated by the Miskito Indians. Thousands and thousands of these people have been left homeless and dozens are scattered through remote jungles, beaches, and open water.

Please pray for the rescue efforts, especially in the poor communities where people’s entire lives have been destroyed. May the grace of God save these people and bring them hope in Christ.


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Hurricane Felix


Our future home of La Ceiba (see above picture) in Honduras has just been hit by Hurricane Felix. You may have seen this on the news, but if you missed it, Felix was a category 5 hurricane that made landfall on the eastern coast of Honduras yesterday (9/4). There was a mass evacuation effort from some of the islands off the coast in hopes of minimizing the damage. As of this morning, Felix was pushing south of La Ceiba towards the heart of Honduras to some of its largest cities. Though some of the worst hurricane damage was avoided, the great threat now is rainfall. They are predicting more than two feet of rain across the country that could trigger massive flooding and landslides.

This hurricane scare brings back memories of Hurricane Mitch, which hit Honduras back in 1998. Mitch killed 9,000 people and crippled the nation. It was also the disaster that brought MTW missionaries into the country for the first time, and is one of the reasons we are heading there soon.

If you have time today, please pray for the people of Honduras, the rain and mudslides, and that God would show mercy to the nation of Honduras.

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