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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Above: Sean teaching a group of beginner English students.

Tonight we started our second “semester” of teaching English classes with a local ministry here in our neighborhood. Lindsey and I are teaching a class of 20 or so Costa Ricans in the basics of conversational English. The classes run for 2 hours every Wednesday night for 10 weeks. Usually Lindsey teaches the first hour, and then Sean teaches the second hour. This semester we have our interns here to help us, and with the additional manpower we are able to split up into small groups to facilitate more conversation and interaction.

Above: Lindsey teaching basic introductions during the first hour of class.

One of the great things about English classes is that they are quite a draw in the local community. The ministry doesn’t do much advertising, and yet upwards of 75 people showed up the first night. It is a great opportunity to not only help people to learn English, which in some cases can improve their way of life, but also to build relationships in the local community. We have made friends through these classes, some of whom have ministered to us in return.

The English classes are also a time for the local missionaries to present the gospel and share the love of God with the students. We cherish these moments as it is our desire to share this same love with Costa Ricans, and eventually with Hondurans as well.


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Honduras Team Picture

Above: Our most recent team photo, Mike, Erin, and Madison Pettengill, Lindsey, Tica, Lucy, and Sean McCann.

Today is quite an exciting day for our church planting team as we are about to arrive in La Ceiba, Honduras and begin our work there. No, we have not completed language studies yet, nor have we abandoned them to go to La Ceiba early. Rather our teammates, the Pettengills, left San Jose, Costa Rica this morning at 4 am and now are in our future home.

It has been amazing to see the Lord work in bringing our families together over the last 2 years or so. Separately, he placed Honduras on both of our hearts and then united us together as a team with one vision, simply to see God glorified in Honduras however he sees fit. We have ministered, traveled, and trained with them in New York, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras during the past year and we cannot wait for the times to come.

If you would like to see pictures of La Ceiba and our future ministry work, they will be updating both their website and personal blog as they get settled in our new home.

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English as a Second Language

Above: A view of San Jose from the hills north of Alajuela. (The picture has nothing to do with the classes, its just pretty!)

Over the past two months here in San Jose, we have been volunteering at a local community center teaching English to Costa Ricans with a desire to learn. The students have been great and they all speak much more English than we speak Spanish.

The classes meet every Wednesday night for two hours, with a 20 minute break for coffee, singing, and a bible message. We have been alternating teaching the same class, intermediate English. Usually Lindsey goes for the first hour, Sean brings Lucy for the break, and then the girls go home and Sean teaches the second hour. Though we have taught certain themes and subjects, by far the favorite thing for the students is to talk, talk, and talk. Unlike us, who interact with Spanish speakers constantly throughout the week, most of our students only speak English on Wednesday nights.

We have really enjoyed our time teaching, it has been great to make some friends in the neighborhood, practice our Spanish, and learn more about a ministry we hope to implement in Honduras.

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The City of La Ceiba

Above: One of many horse drawn carts on the streets of La Ceiba.
One of the best aspects of our trip last weekend was getting to explore and know the city better. Officially, La Ceiba is a city of 170,000 people, which makes it the third largest city in Honduras. Yet as we drove around and explored, I couldn’t help thinking that the city felt much smaller. After only a few days we had seen almost all of the city and could get around fairly well.
Though the city is growing, it still maintains a small-town feel. Most people are friendly and helpful, downtown is fairly manageable, and a taxi ride anywhere in the city is only $1 per person. We loved the city and are excited about raising our family there.

Above: Mike and Sean on the dock. The dock was built by Dole Fruit Company and was once a hub of activity. Now it is broken and falling apart and only inhabited by a few local fishermen.

Above: A street near downtown. Downtown is filled with street vendors like the ones in this picture. They sell everything from fruit and veggies to soccer jerseys and leather shores.

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Home from La Ceiba

Above: A typical street in La Caiba, Honduras

On Tuesday night, Mike and I returned from our scouting trip to our new home. We had a great time learning more about the city and its needs, meeting people, seeing the sights, and dreaming about the future of our church planting ministry.

We’ll have more details in the days to come, but for now here is a brief list of what we were able to see and do in three days.

We visited/toured the following potential ministry sights:
– A local agricultural university
– A publicly run nursing home
– A small private hospital
– The large public hospital
– A school for our teammates daughter
– Multiple houses for rent
– A hotel for short-term teams
– An immigration attorney
– A boys orphanage
– Multiple neighborhoods
– A poor village

We were very encouraged by all the opportunities for ministry, but it was also daunting to see such a great amount of need in such a small city.

Stay posted for more details about our future home.

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Honduras Scouting Trip

Above: A view of La Ceiba from the town landfill.

As you are reading this, I (Sean) am (hopefully) on a plane headed to La Ceiba, Honduras, via San Salvador and San Pedro Sula. Mike and I will be arriving in La Ceiba around noon Saturday and meeting up with our team leader in to check out the city and begin to lay the groundwork for our future ministry. We are essentially starting our church planting work from scratch, so this is an important planning trip. Some of the things we hope to do while we are there include: housing search for our two families and future interns, setting up schooling for our teammates daughter, meeting with immigration attorneys, touring the hospitals, checking out the neighborhoods and possible ministry sites, meeting with past and current ministries, and much more.

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