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Team News

Above: Our new team website, Serving in Honduras.

We have a lot going on with our team lately and just wanted to send out a few updates.

Our teammates, the Pettengills, arrived in La Ceiba last month, and last week hosted our first short-term trip. The team was made up of doctors and nurses who worked in the local, public hospital as well as putting on a clinic in one of the poorer neighborhoods of La Ceiba. The week went great and was helpful in kicking off our ministry work in Honduras.

Also helpful in kicking off our work in our new team website. We all have individual sites/blogs, so this site is simply intended to introduce our team and ministry and be the starting point in learning about our ministry. The website is:

And lastly, we are excited to welcome some new members to our team. Three recent high school grads from the Boston area, Andy, Jamie, and Josh, will be joining us in Honduras as interns. They are taking a year off in between high school and college, so will be with us for a full school year. We are thrilled in have these new members and excited to see how we all work together in serving God in Honduars. You can see there website here.

(Both the team website and intern website have been added to our links if you want to keep tabs on them in the future.)


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Honduras Team Picture

Above: Our most recent team photo, Mike, Erin, and Madison Pettengill, Lindsey, Tica, Lucy, and Sean McCann.

Today is quite an exciting day for our church planting team as we are about to arrive in La Ceiba, Honduras and begin our work there. No, we have not completed language studies yet, nor have we abandoned them to go to La Ceiba early. Rather our teammates, the Pettengills, left San Jose, Costa Rica this morning at 4 am and now are in our future home.

It has been amazing to see the Lord work in bringing our families together over the last 2 years or so. Separately, he placed Honduras on both of our hearts and then united us together as a team with one vision, simply to see God glorified in Honduras however he sees fit. We have ministered, traveled, and trained with them in New York, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras during the past year and we cannot wait for the times to come.

If you would like to see pictures of La Ceiba and our future ministry work, they will be updating both their website and personal blog as they get settled in our new home.

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