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Summer Vacation Road Trip: Playa Hermosa

Above: Lucy and Lindsey watching a beautiful sunset.

The second leg of our road trip brought us through the beautiful Costa Rican province of Guanacaste to some of the best beaches in the country. Astute blog readers may remember that we have already been to Playa Hermosa, but that was a different one. This one is located in the northern part of the country, is on the Pacific coast, and consists of of a small bay with calm, warm water.

Above: Here is our only attempted family shot with the camera timer overlooking the sunset. Caleb, Uncle B, Aunt KK, Lindsey, Sean, Lucy, Necy, and DaBo.

We reserved a small sweet for the whole family and from there we could see the bay and the beautiful sunsets. We enjoyed some fun times on the beach, great food, and more fun swimming in the pool for the cousins.

Above: And of course, the new BFF’s.

The trip was quite a relaxing time of seeing the country and spending needed time with family. Although we are sad to see them go, we are excited about starting our last trimester at language school next week.


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English as a Second Language

Above: A view of San Jose from the hills north of Alajuela. (The picture has nothing to do with the classes, its just pretty!)

Over the past two months here in San Jose, we have been volunteering at a local community center teaching English to Costa Ricans with a desire to learn. The students have been great and they all speak much more English than we speak Spanish.

The classes meet every Wednesday night for two hours, with a 20 minute break for coffee, singing, and a bible message. We have been alternating teaching the same class, intermediate English. Usually Lindsey goes for the first hour, Sean brings Lucy for the break, and then the girls go home and Sean teaches the second hour. Though we have taught certain themes and subjects, by far the favorite thing for the students is to talk, talk, and talk. Unlike us, who interact with Spanish speakers constantly throughout the week, most of our students only speak English on Wednesday nights.

We have really enjoyed our time teaching, it has been great to make some friends in the neighborhood, practice our Spanish, and learn more about a ministry we hope to implement in Honduras.

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More Sunsets

Yet another set of sunset pictures from our porch.

More sunsets from our front door. On this night we caught the sun right as it was about to set over the mountain.

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Sunset Photographs

The other night there was a beautiful sunset in San Jose. As the sun was just setting behind the mountain, the sky filled with clouds and became very overcast. The result was like shining a very dark sky, but a very bright light because the sunlight was all reflecting off the clouds. Here are some photos.

This picture is looking west from our front porch.

These two pictures are the same view, but with different camera settings. It was amazing how dark the shadows were, at yet how bright and colorful the light was.
This is looking north at the light on some of the clouds.
Looking directly west at the sun. I love the perfectly straight line of sunlight coming off the mountain on the left side of the picture.


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