McCanns in Honduras

Let the nations be glad & sing for joy!

Honduras Team


Our team in Honduras will consist of us and the Pettengill Family. The Pettengills are a family from Northern California who have a great heart for Honduras. Mike left his job in the California State government and Erin quit her job as a pediatric nurse in order to move to La Ceiba. They also have a fun-loving 11 year old daughter, Madison, who loves our daughter Lucy. We look forward to working with the Pettengills in Honduras. Their website is the Pettengill Missionaries.


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  1. Sean,
    Gavin gave me your website info. I believe I started at RTS the Same year you graduated. The reason I’m writing is just for a connection in Honduras. I spent some time there, actually a year back in 2001-2002 at an orphanage in Jalaca Honduras; it’s north of Teguc. I’ve been back several times. Actually I just got back from there yesterday. I brought a team of 23 out there to work at the ophanage. Anyway, the ministry is building a church is soon going to plant a church there. I thought you might be a good connection. They are an interfaith group.
    My wife and I may spend some time there after I finish at RTS so I thought I would just drop a line. Hope language training is going well. God Bless,

    Comment by Joe Lanman | July 7, 2008 | Reply

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