McCanns in Honduras

Let the nations be glad & sing for joy!


Here is a map of Central America. Honduras (which is about the size of Virginia) is located between Guatemala to the north and Nicaragua to the south. It is filled with mountains and rainforest, and has coasts on both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean.

Honduras Map

Our new home, La Ceiba, is on the Atlantic Ocean, near a part of Honduras called the Mosquito Coast.

La Ceiba Map

La Ceiba is a port city and with a population of over 150,000 it is the third largest city in the country. It is a city of great poverty (66% of the people live in poverty) and also of great beauty. In addition to its Atlantic coast line, La Ceiba is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush rainforest. It is known as the Ecotourism Capital of Central America.

This picture captures the natural beauty of the Honduran coast in contrast with the utter poverty that comes from being one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Honduran Coast

The city of La Ceiba itself is also a contrast between the local Honduran markets and shops, compared with the ever increasing Western influence (there is even an Applebee’s). The economy is made up of mostly commerce and agriculture; Dole Foods has a major branch here as La Ceiba’s number one export is pineapples.

La Ceiba Market

This is one of the busy corners in La Ceiba.

La Ceiba Intersection

A local Honduran saying, “While Tegucigalpa (capital) thinks, and San Pedro Sula (#2 city) works, La Ceiba parties!

We are so excited to move to our new home.


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