McCanns in Honduras

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Church Planting

A Church in Honduras

Our major role as missionaries in Honduras is to plant a church. The Bible seems to teach that God’s kingdom is spread throughout the world through local church communities. It is these local churches that can minister to local people in their own language and culture. As church planters then, we are not seeking to build a church around us or around our American culture, but rather to work with national Christians in their efforts to plant Honduran churches.

As church planters we will be doing many different things (medical work, children’s ministry, mercy ministry, evangelism, prison ministry, leadership training, bible studies, etc.), and our hope is that all of these different ministries will work towards the beginning of a nationally-led church that is true to the gospel while at the same time being relevent to the Honduran culture. We are not the answer to the problems in Honduras, and neither is American and Western culture. Honduran Christians understanding the gospel, filled with the Holy Spirit, and working through the local church, are the most effective means of change in their own country.

In the Bible Jesus says that he will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. It is our hope and prayer that this would be true of the Honduran church. Honduras is an impovrished country where hell seems all too real, but through the church and the promise of Jesus, the love of God will prevail.

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  1. My name is Rachel Weber. I am doing a research paper on mission work in honduras. The reason being is that I am best friends with Mark Thompson’s daughter- I think you know him. I am interested in it greatly. My youth group at East LAnier Community Church is going on a two week mission trip to Honduras next summer, adn I really want to go, so hopefully this paper will help change my parents mind. Thanks for all you do!

    Comment by Rachel | December 1, 2009 | Reply

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