McCanns in Honduras

Let the nations be glad & sing for joy!


This is our final update (4/27/11)

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the USA.  As you could tell from the title, this is our last update as missionaries to Honduras.  It has been quite a ride, and many of you have been with us from the very beginning as friends, prayer partners, and supporters.  We want to take this last chance to thank each of you from the bottom of our heart.  You have truly been partners with us in ministry and we could not imagine doing this alone.

A friend once described those who support missionaries as those who “hold the ropes.”  In that sense you have been anchors for us when we have often times felt adrift and alone.  We praise and thank God for how gracious he has been with us, and one evidence of his kindness towards us has been the amount of love and support we have experienced from those of you back home.  Thank you.

A Long Road

In June of 2006 we spent a week at the MTW headquarters in Atlanta, where we were interviewed and approved as two year missionaries to La Ceiba, Honduras.  Since then we’ve been had seasons of support raising, training, language study, and finally our work in Honduras.  Through each stage we’ve learned more about ourselves and mission work, but in every step, God has been faithful and loving towards us.

Ministry Summary

Our work over the three years on the field fell into four major categories, each serving the church in a unique way.  Sean headed up ourChildren’s Ministry which focused on a weekly Kids Club, as well as numerous times in kids homes, on the soccer field, at the river, at our house, etc.  Through this avenue we formally taught the Bible and God’s grace hundreds of times, as well as developing dozens of organic relationships through which to share his love personally.

Overlapping with the Children’s ministry was our discipleship program.  Over the years Lindsey and I both met with a small group of high school students to read and study the Bible together.  Through persistence and patience, we saw these youths grow in their understanding of God and mature into leaders among their peers.  In a less formal way, we discipled and counseled many of the kids we befriended over the years.

Another big focus of our team was mercy outreach.  Despite no experience, Sean worked weekly in our field medical clinic serving the sick in the community.  We also taught English classes and lead construction projects to rebuild failing homes in the community

Lastly, we sought to grow and serve the church through theological education.  We hosted 4 theological conferences in La Ceiba that brought in over 100 pastors and leaders to study the themes of God’s Grace, the Old Testament, Christian Marriages, and Church Leadership.  Sean also had the privilege to teach a series of Bible studies to a church leadership team, who were eager to learn and stay for hours discussing and asking questions.

Looking Forward

As we leave and look forward to our own future and ministry, we leave a ministry that is in a great place.  Despite the recent transition period of us leaving, the team has a great foundation to build on.  After less than 3 years in Honduras, they now have two permanent families with years of experience, an established ministry presence in Armenia, two ministry centers to be completed in the coming year, and multiple missionaries arriving soon to support the work and begin new ministries.  After years of planting seeds and building relationships, the ministry is in an exciting place.  This makes it is a hard time to leave, but also exciting to see it grow and build upon what we (and each of you) helped to start.

We encourage you to stay involved in their work and continue to lift them up in prayer.  The team website is Serving in Honduras, and you can also read weekly updates and news on the Pettengill’s or the Clow’s blog.

As far as our future goes, we are excited to be moving to Charlotte and to begin our ministry at Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church.  I have accepted a call their as the new Assistant Pastor, where I’ll be working with the young adults, as well as the discipleship and evangelism ministries.  In our first week back from Honduras we found a house near the church and Lord willing we’ll be closing in mid-May.

Although this is our last update, we would love to continue to stay in touch.  We’ll be in Charlotte for years to come, so please drop us a line or come and visit, we would love to extend the same kindness to you that you have shown to us over the years.  Our McCanns in Honduras website will stay up for a while, but I’ll stop posting there.  If you’re interested, we’ll keep up our family blog with pictures of the kids and stories of our life in Charlotte (although it won’t be nearly as interesting as our Honduran family adventures!)

We thank each of you and pray for God’s peace and abundant blessing on your lives.

God bless,

Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, Ellie, and Anna McCann

These are our e-mail updates and prayer needs, updated every month. If you would like to receive them by e-mail, please let us know and we will add you to our list.

McCanns in Honduras: March (3/4)

Dear Friends,

Our first full month here in La Ceiba has flown by, and we are already starting to feel quite at home here.  We’ve had an event filled month, and all of us have stayed busy.  We want to mention a few highlights here and then share some things for you to be praying about this month.
Worm Clinic – We offered a one day clinic on worms, a big problem in some of the communities here. We taught education and gave out worm medication.
Diabetes Clinic – Also an education clinic, a diabetic doctor from the states visited us for an afternoon and helped us serve the community.
Orphans Soccer Game – Some of our team has been teaching at a boys orphanage outside of town.  One Sunday, we had them all over for cook-out lunch, and then treated them to a pro soccer game between the two La Ceiba teams.  The boys seemed to have a blast and it was fun to serve them and get to know them better.
Girls Day Out – Last week we hosted a girls day out with make-overs in the morning and pizza and a movie that night.  Over 60 girls came out for the fun, making it a long, but rewarding day.
Health Classes – This week, Lindsey taught her first of a series of health classes at a local school. After lots of research and translating, she spent the morning teaching grade school kids about nutrition and the food pyramid.
For most of these events, one of us usually stays home with the girls, although they have enjoyed their fair share of ministry.  Every Monday, we lead a Kids Club in Armenia, and Lucy is slowly enjoying the kids more and more.  As her Spanish improves and she gets braver, we think she will enjoy these times more and more.
Ellie is becoming a pro at life strapped to Lindsey.  She goes to the river for beauty days, to schools for Lindsey to teach, and helps with Kids Club as Lindsey narrates the skits.  Of course her whole life is not in her sling, she is just too cute for others to stay away!
Other Items:
– As you’ve heard, we are looking for a  summer intern to help us in our ministry.  We’ve received lots of interest, so if you know anyone who is interested, let us know.
– Our 90 visas are set to expire next month, so at the end of March we are taking a trip to Panama to renew them.
Prayer Request:
– Ministry Focus.  Our new home is in a neighborhood called El Sauce, it is a middle-class neighborhood centrally located, and there is not much of a church presence here that we know of.  We are looking for direction if God would have us work here.
–  Family health.  This past week both Lucy and Ellie have been a little under the weather.  Please pray for their sinuses and sleeping.
– Van.  Please continue to pray for our need for a car, we would love to purchase a van this month.
Thank you all for your prayers and support.  As always, please check out our websites (Adventures of Lucy and Ellie and McCanns in Honduras ) for more stories and pictures.  We love to hear from you all, and please let us know if there are any ways we can be praying for you.
If you would no longer like to receive our updates, please let us know.

Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, and Ellie McCann

McCanns in Honduras: Special Requests (2/23)

We’re sending out a short update to let you know of a few things we have going on that we didn’t want to wait until the end of the month.

Support For A Van: When we moved to La Ceiba, we knew that at some point we were going to need a van for our family and ministry, we just didn’t know we would need it so soon.  Our team of 9 adults currently has two trucks, but one is borrowed and will be returned to the owner at the end of the month.  A van would go far to help our team get to ministry sites, transport materials, transport nationals for ministry, and transport short-term teams this summer.

We are asking you to prayerfully consider contributing to the purchase of a van by mailing a check to:

Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church
3326 Archdale Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28210

Please make the check out to Sovereign Grace Presbyterian and attach a separate note to the check with our names and the purpose of the gift.

Summer Intern: We are looking for a summer intern to work with us to help care for our daughters.  We have a full summer lined up of ministry with 10 short-term teams in 12 weeks, and a summer intern would truly serve us and the team in all that we hope to do.

Here is the official job:  The church planting and medical/mercy ministry team is looking for an intern to provide assistance with child care for the children of full time missionaries.  The intern will provide assistance with a  2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old.  This work will provide the parents of these children with great peace of mind and additional time to minister to the nationals.  The intern will live in a private room behind the house of the family.  Foreign language is not needed.

If you know of anyone, individuals or churches, that might be interested, please let us know.

Thank you for your prayers in regards to these two special request.

Sean McCann

McCanns in Honduras: February (2/6)

Dear Friends,

It has been a crazy few weeks since we arrived here in Honduras but we are thrilled to be writing you tonight from our very own house in La Ceiba.  We’ve only been here in our house since Tuesday night, but it is already starting to feel like home.  Lucy loves showing off her new room to everyone that comes over, and Ellie is sleeping great finally in her own room.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for our home.  It was a bit of a trail to find a place, and we were pretty discouraged when a house that we loved fell through, but now we love our new home and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in our new neighborhood.  For a guided tour of our place, visit Our Blog

During our housing search, we tried to jump in as much as we could to some of the ministries going on in town.  A few weeks ago, our team collected school supplies from churches in the states to give away to needy kids and schools in the poor neighborhood of Armenia Bonito outside of La Ceiba.  The teachers loved having a years worth of supplies that they wouldn’t have had otherwise, and the kids were thrilled to have new notebooks, pencils, and pens.  Follow this link for a video of the event: School Supplies.

Tomorrow we are putting on a free worms clinic in the community were we will be teaching basic education on how to avoid worms, as well as passing out pills to present them in the future.  Sean will be one of the educators for the event, so please pray for a good turn out, and that our words would be used to bring better health to the community.

The women on our team are also hosting a girls night out.  All the ladies on our team will be heading out to Armenia Bonito to give makeovers to the girls (baths in the river with shampoo, haircuts, nails, etc.), and then heading into town to take in a movie.  This should be a really fun event for the girls to be loved on and pampered.  If you would like help out, we are collecting “beauty supplies” like shampoo, conditioner, hair clips, brushes/combs, nail polish, lotion, etc.  One of our teammates, Jamie, is collecting supplies for the event so for more details and a US shipping address, e-mail either us or Jamie ( directly.

Also for the future, we looking at the possibility of community health classes, both for children and adults, in surrounding communities.  Lindsey is excited about this potential opportunity in her field of health and nutrition.  If you know of any resources, courses, curriculum, etc., we’d love to hear about it, so please let us know.

Prayer Request
– Continued wisdom and direction on where to work and where to focus our time in ministry.
– Peace and rest for the girls in their latest adjustment and transition.
– Our special events planned for this month: Worms Clinic (2/7), Diabetes Clinic (2/17), Pro Soccer Game for Boys Orphanage (2/22), Girls Night Out (2/28).

For more info, we’ve posted lots of stories and pictures on our family blog and our ministry website, so check those out as well.

As always, thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement.  We are finally here, and we thank God for that; it is both a testament to his faithfulness and your prayers and actions.  Thank you.

Sean, Lindsey, Lucy and Ellie McCann

McCanns in Honduras: Arrival Update (1/16)

Dear Friends,

We’re here!!  After years of praying, training, and  preparing, we’ve finally arrived at our new home, La Ceiba, Honduras.  Yesterday we flew out of Atlanta and into San Pedro Sula in Honduras without problems.  We got all of our luggage though customs without issue, met our teammates at the airport, and then drove 3 hours to our new home.

We are so excited to finally be here, and we want to thank all of you who made it possible and who have been following and praying with us along the way, we could not have done it without you.

Our girls are both doing good, they traveled well and slept great last night despite the drastic climate change (freezing and dry in the south, to 80 and humid here in the tropics).  Lucy was especially happy to see all our teammates who she missed so much.

The next few weeks will be pretty busy for us, so we would love your continued prayers on our behalf.  This morning, Sean will head out with our teammate to start house hunting.  Our teammates have been very gracious to put us up in their home, so we have a great base to start our search.  Please pray that we would find a home quickly that would serve both our house and our future ministry.

Also, tomorrow some of the leaders of our mission are coming into town to do a week long training period.  We’ll have sessions in team building, and also some training in working with abused children.  We’re excited about this time and ask your prayers that it would go well and our team would benefit and grow as a result.

We’ll update our blog ( and our website ( soon, so check back for pictures and stories of our new adventures.


Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, and Ellie McCann

McCanns in Honduras: December (12/3)

Dear Friends,

Well we’ve almost made it, our time in Costa Rica is finally drawing to a close.  After 10 months, 2 trimesters of classes, one intensive course, and hours of tutoring, we feel like we have enough of a base in the Spanish language to leave language school and head to the Honduras.  Lord willing, this is the last monthly update we’ll send from Costa Rica!

Our Final Month
We have two weeks of classes left, and then graduation next Friday.  As most of you know, we’ve been waiting on Ellie’s paperwork to come through to leave the country.  We have her original birth certificate, and the US Embassy has accepted her passport application.  Now all that is left to do is get her passport and permission to leave the country.

Ellie’s First Month
Her life has flown by so far, but has pretty much consisted of crying, eating, and sleeping.  We are still adjusting to life with two little ones, and some days it seems like we don’t talk to each other for hours, just trade off kids and work away!

Lucy’s New Role
Lucy has loved being a big sister and loves to help out.  The only problem is Ellie won’t grow up fast enough for her to have a playmate.  She enjoys giving Ellie her pacifier, holding her, and playing with her on the floor.  She of course has her moments of jealousy, but for the most part she is has adjusted well to us having a baby in the house.

Ministry in Honduras
Our teammates, the Pettengills, continue to work away in La Ceiba and lay a base for our future ministry for years to come.  They just completed our first English classes, hosted a health clinic, and are currently planning a Christmas party for a group of underprivileged kids.  We are excited to be there and join our team in the work the Lord is doing in La Ceiba.

Prayer Requests
– For our travel home and time with our family.  We will be in the States from December 24 to January 15 and ask for your prayers as we visit friends and family.  Also pray for our cultural adjustment.
-For our family during the holidays that we would love them and enjoy our time this Christmas in the midst of business and hecticness as we transition to leave Costa Rica, spend Christmas in the States, and then move to Honduras.
– When we get to Honduras we anticipate the need to purchase a ministry vehicle.  Please pray for finances as we look ahead to this potential ministry.

Please Note: Do not send any mail to us at our Costa Rica address, for now our temporary address has changed to PO Box 2125 Augusta, Ga 30903.  We will send out our Honduras address as soon as we know what it is.  But we will still have our same number in the states (704-365-3048), and e-mail.

Thank you so much for your faithful support during our time here in Costa Rica, we have truly appreciated it and could not have done it without you!


Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, and Ellie McCann

McCanns in Honduras: November (11/8)

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Costa Rica.  Before any more updates, we’d like to go a head and share our good news.  We have a new little girl!!  Nancy Elliot was born on October 30, here in San Jose.  Everything went very smoothly and we praise God for her safe delivery and his provision for our family.  Lindsey and little Ellie are both recovering well, and our first week together has been great.  Ellie is eating and sleeping great, and we are really enjoying spending lots of time with her.

Lucy is also enjoying being a big sister.  She just turned two last month, and already seems so much older to us.  She loves to “play” with Ellie, and loves to talk about her.  She also loves having her grandparents come and visit her this month, both to help with Ellie and to play with her.

Our Spanish continues to progress, though painstakingly slow at times.  We’re becoming more and more confident with the language, despite our seemingly numerous mistakes.  With only one month left in language school, we are trying to take advantage of every opportunity we have.

This week we also said goodbye to some of our teammates.  Andy, Josh, and Jamie finished up their language studies and are on their way to Honduras.  We are so excited with how well they did here and how well we got along, we can’t wait to go and join them and the Pettengills in La Ceiba!

One last thing that we have going on this month is paperwork for Ellie.  We are trying to get her birth certificate, passport, and permission to leave the county all before we graduate in December.  Usually this process takes 3 to 4 months, but we are trying to do it in just 6 weeks.  This involves lots of trips to government buildings and lots of Spanish!

Prayer Request:
– Ellie’s growth.  She is eating and sleeping and doing everything great, so please just pray for continued adjustment to the world.
– Ellie’s paperwork.  That doors would be opened for us and we would be able to make it to the states in December.

We’ve got tons of great pictures of Ellie and Lucy on the blog (, along with some more info and pictures on our website (

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers, we miss you all!

Sean McCann

McCanns in Honduras: October (10/6)

Dear Friends,

It is exciting for us to think that October has finally arrived, because lots of new and exciting things are happening in our family this month!

Lucy turns 2 years old on the 24th.  We can not believe that we have a 2 year old.  Although she doesn’t fully understand her birthday she is able to answer the question, “How old are you going to be?” in both English and Spanish.  She also loves talking about her birthday plans and friends she wants to include in her party.

In addition to Lucy turning 2 this month, God willing, we will also welcome our second little girl into our family.  According to the doctor Lindsey is right on schedule for Baby Tica’s arrival to be at the end of this month.  We are all looking forward to meeting this little girl and seeing Lucy interact with her as a big sister.  Lindsey is becoming fairly uncomfortable in these last few weeks as we are walking so much each day and experiencing the rainiest months in Costa Rica, so please pray for her as she continues to persevere in pregnancy.

Also this month, we have the joy of getting to know and ministering with 3 interns that have joined our team.  Josh, Jamie, and Andy are all from Boston and have just completed high school. They are volunteering to serve this year with us before the head off to college. They are here in Costa Rica for a month of Spanish study and then will fly to Honduras early in November.  It has been such a joy to have them around and we have especially enjoyed the extra help and babysitting we have received.

Our Spanish classes this term are going really well.  The pressure has definitely picked up as we are now expected to be able to give 1 hour Bible Studies, communicate in all 14 tenses of Spanish verbs, and translate articles and Bible stories.  But we are enjoying our classes and feeling like we are learning so much.

This past month we have begun teaching our English classes as well and we are enjoying teaching the very beginner level.  So far we have worked with them on basic conversation questions, new vocabulary, and prepositions.  Our class seems really interested and eager to learn.  Each week we have had about 20 students, thankfully we have the interns here to help out so we are able to divide the class into small groups and spend more one-on-one time practicing conversation.

Prayer Request:
– Last month of pregnancy, and for the health and delivery of Tica here in a private hospital in San Jose.
– Spanish language study and acquisition, especially for Lindsey in her last month of classroom learning.
– Our relationship with the interns and their adjustment to Costa Rica and our team.

As always we have pictures of Lucy on our blog  (, and information on our team and ministry on our website (

Thank you all for your involvement in our lives.  We miss you all and thank you for your friendship and prayers.

Sean McCann

McCanns in Honduras: September (9/5)

Dear Friends,

Greetings from San Jose, Costa Rica.  This was our first week of our last trimester of Spanish language study at the Spanish Language Institute.  We are amazed at how much Spanish we have learned, and also humbled at how far we still have to go.  The Lord has truly been gracious to us in our time here and we look forward to seeing how he will work in the next few months.

It seems this past month Lucy has grown by leaps and bounds.  Her sentences and knowledge continue to amaze us, her imagination continues to grow, and she is getting along just fine climbing around the playground and running circles with all the other kids.

Of course she isn’t the only one growing as our little girl, Tica, continues to weigh Lindsey down.  Both baby and mom are healthy and doing great, but it is becoming apparent that the fourth member of our family is coming soon!

We had a great month of August with our continued language study, visits from family, and doctors appointments in preparation for our new little girl.  Although August was fairly relaxing, September promises to be crammed full.

In our classes this trimester we will begin to tackle the subjunctive tense of the Spanish language, in addition to Spanish presentations of bible studies, personal stories, biographies, articles, and community interviews.  We’re hoping that with an increased work load comes increased knowledge.

Next week were are welcoming some interns from our team.  They are coming in for a month or two of intense Spanish study before they head to Honduras to serve the Lord on our team there.

Also next week, we will begin teaching English classes with a local ministry.  Last time we taught intermediate English, but this semester we’re moving to the beginner classes, which we’re excited about because it means more Spanish and different challenges.

Lastly, we visited the hospital where Lindsey will deliver and we are thrilled with the maternity ward.  It is fully equipped and rivals the hospital where Lucy was born in Charlotte, quite a relief.

Prayer Request:
– Spanish.  The same request we’ve had this whole year continues in our last semester.  Continued diligence, patience, and energy.
– Family.  The health of Lindsey and the baby as we close in on the due date.
– Interns.  For their cultural and language adjustment, and our relationships welcoming them into our team.

We’ve posted some fun pictures of our vacation with Lindsey’s family on our blog ( and some more information on the hospital on our website (

Thank you all for your involvement in our lives.  We miss you all and thank you for your friendship and prayers.

Sean McCann

McCanns in Honduras: August (8/3)

Dear Friends,

We only have one more week left and we will have completed our first full trimester here in Language school.  It has been amazing all that we have learned during our time at school.  We are both feeling much more confident in our Spanish, and our relationships with others in the community are starting to go deeper as we expand our vocabulary and ability to communicate.  We will have a three week break in August and then our next trimester will begin September 1st.  Please continue to pray for our Spanish language acquisition so that we are able to communicate clearly the love of Christ with others.

Our girls are growing up fast!  Lindsey has less than 3 months left with this pregnancy and we are starting to prepare more for having a baby in a different culture.  We have spent a lot of time this month looking into the paperwork necessary for “Tica” to be a US citizen and when she can get her passport so we can leave Costa Rica after language school.

Lucy is also growing and changing.  She is beginning to form sentences which are composed mostly of words in Spanish.  She is also growing in our social interaction with others as lately she has really enjoyed making new friends on the playground and seems to be culturally adapting to the way others interact with her.  Because of her blond hair, blue eyes, and curls, she really sticks out here and most adults and children love to talk to and touch her, which now Lucy has learned to just take in stride.

Our teammates, the Pettengills, have been in Honduras now for a month and it has been exciting for us to see our future ministry begin there.  They have just hosted our first short term missions team from Mobil, Alabama who served though medical work and a clinic.  Please pray for them now as they continue to follow up with many of the relationships they were able to establish during this time.

Some things to pray about this month:
– Our completion of our first trimester in language school.  Pray that we would finish well and diligently.  Pray also for our 3 week break would be refreshing for us as a family.
– Our teammates, the Pettengills, has they begin our ministry in Honduras.  Pray for them as they meet and establish relationship in the community.
– Our personal walk with the Lord.  Pray that Sean and I would daily be able to meet with the Lord and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

For more pictures and stories, check us out on the web:

Also, our team has just launched a new website, you can see it here at:

Please let us know how we can be praying for each one of you as well.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement that you offer to us and our family.

With love,

Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, and Tica McCann

McCanns in Honduras: July (7/2)

Dear Friends,

July has come upon us and with it, more rain, more Spanish, and more little girls!

Our biggest news from this month is that we found out our little baby is indeed a little girl. We are thrilled to have two sisters so close in age who can grow and play together for years to come. She (and Lindsey) look very healthy as we are nearing the completion of our second trimester.

School continues to go well and we are daily challenged. We have made some friends in the community though our ESL (English as a Second Language) classes and that has been a great opportunity to practice our Spanish. At times it feels like we will never be good Spanish speakers, but then we look at where we were when we arrived in Costa Rica, and it gives us encouragement for the future.

Speaking of Spanish, Lucy continues to expand her vocabulary and she meets new friends and hears the language daily. She enjoyed a fun trip from her grandparents in June and continues to love playing with her new friends in the neighborhood.

Our ESL classes ended last week, and we were sad to see them go. We will have a few months off until they start again, and we hope to get involved in some other local ministries in the meantime. In fact this weekend Sean is speaking at a local youth group (through a translator) that ministers to kids in a poor community.

Some things to pray about this month:
– This is a long month in language school as the classes are getting a lot tougher and we are starting brand new material, so pray for our patience and diligence.
– Our teammates, the Pettengills, have arrived in Honduras and are beginning to set up their home and prepare for a short-term medical team set to arrive at the end of the month. Please pray for their housing and medical ministry.
– Family time. The stress of language and culture is always weighing on us (to varying degrees) and at times it affects our family. Please pray for our marriage, our parenting, and our spiritual life as a family.

For more pictures and stories, check us out on the web:

As always, we remember the importance of prayer and the role each of you play in our lives and in our ministry work. Thank you for your support shown in so many different ways, it means so much to us. We hope all is well with each of you and would love to hear from you all.

With love,

Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, and Tica (Baby) McCann

McCanns in Honduras: June (6/3)

Dear Friends,

Wow how the months fly bye, this our fourth monthly update since we’ve been here in Costa Rica, a grand total of four and a half months. We have truly enjoyed our time here, especially the past month as we have seen our Spanish grow leaps and bounds. Sean and Lindsey have spent most of the month in Spanish classes studying conversation, phonetics, and grammar. We both have great teachers who challenge us and classmates to learn from.

We are not the only ones in our family in language school. While we attend classes, Lucy is in child-care with a Tica teacher who speaks exclusive Spanish. She is learning so many Spanish words and seems to surprise us constantly with her growing vocabulary. She is continuing to enjoy her life of making new friends, learning the language, and exploring the world around her.

As far as the rest of our family goes, we went to our OBGYN last week and both Lindsey and the baby look great. Though we were not able to tell the babies gender, we heard and saw a strong heart beat, which is all we can ask for.

In other news, we’ve started serving with a local English language ministry. The English as a Second Language (ESL) program meets weekly for two hours. Lindsey and Sean take turns teaching the intermediate classes. This has been a great opportunity to serve local mission work, build relationships in the community, and learn about a ministry we hope to implement in Honduras.

Our time here has been surprisingly smooth, which we can only attribute to the grace of God and your prayers on our behalf. We cannot thank you enough for simply receiving our e-mail updates, caring about our lives, and lifting us up in prayer. Though we are at times lonely on the field, we know that we are not alone, and for that we are forever grateful!

If you are interested in reading more about our lives here in Costa Rica, we are keeping our website updated with stories and pictures, go to If you would rather see lots of cute pictures of Lucy, we have those too at her blog,

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers, we miss you all and would love to hear from you.

God bless.

Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras: May (5/6)

Dear Friends,

This past month has been filled with much excitement: language study with our individual tutors, enjoying a family vacation, having Lindsey’s mother visit from the states, and Sean taking a vision trip to Honduras. We have officially ended our individual learning time with our tutors and we our starting a new semester at school today, May 7th. We feel like we are getting more and more of a grasp on the language each week and yet we know we have so much more to learn.

In the beginning of May we took our first family vacation here in Costa Rica to a near by beach. We enjoyed having such a refreshing time to get away and really enjoyed seeing a different part of Costa Rica Just last week, Sean was able to go to La Ceiba for 4 days to look at possible areas of ministry. He was once again reminded of the great need there and saw many areas to work in, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, etc.

Lucy has enjoyed being at home with mom and dad this month. When we start back to school she will go to the nursery and it will be a big adjustment for her all over again. She is becoming quite a little adventurer and loves the outdoors, making new friends, and playing on the play ground. She continues to be such a joy in our lives and we love watching her change and grow.

Another area which is changing and growing in our lives is Lindsey’s stomach as the baby is now entering the second trimester. We are thankful for a healthy pregnancy thus far and continue to trust the Lord for development and growth of this child.

Some things to pray for this month:
– Language Study. Pray for us as we begin the new semester that we would be diligent to study hard and take advantage of all our time in the classroom to learn.
– Strength and Perseverance for our family. Being in school for 6 hours a day, taking care of Lucy, and doing our normal duties has been quite exhausting. Pray that the Lord would sustain us during this time and give us the energy we need each day to do the things which He has called us to.
– Honduras. Pray as we continue to look at different areas of ministry that the Lord would open up doors for us to serve once we get there.
– Our new babies health, growth, and development. Also for Lindsey and she deals with morning sickness.

We also wanted to remind you that we’re are keeping our website updated with pictures and stories of our life here. Please let us know of any questions you have and we would love to post about it. The website is

Thank you so much for your prayers, e-mails, letters, packages, phone calls, etc. We love hearing from people back home.

Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras: April (4/5)

Dear Friends,

We’re coming up on our two month anniversary of arriving here in Costa Rica and it is finally starting to feel more and more like home. March was a busy month for us, we finished up our intensive Spanish course, we experienced lots of Latin America culture during Semana Santa (Holy Week), and we began our individual tutoring. This month we will continue with our tutors, we each go twice a week for 2 hours, until the next trimester begins at school. We got off to a great start with the language, but now we are learning some of the more difficult parts and being challenged daily by our tutors.

Lucy continues to learn both languages, excelling in English and gaining Spanish words as she goes. She is a walking machine here, mastering the broken sidewalks with ease. She loves to stop on our walks and point at the flowers, bark at the dogs, and wave at every ant and bug she sees. Lucy has fallen in love with her baby dolls and we are thrilled because soon in November she is going to be a BIG SISTER and we are going to need all the help we can get! She has lots more stories and pictures on her blog, Lucy’s World.

Some things to pray for this month:
– Language Study. The more we learn, the harder it gets.
– Honduras Team. As our team gets closer to arriving on the field, we are beginning to plan more for our ministries and pray for our future church plant. Please pray for wisdom and unity as we continue to work closer together.
– Honduras Trip. At the end of April (26-29), Sean and Mike Pettengill are traveling to La Ceiba to check out schools, neighborhoods/housing, hospitals, and other ministry areas.
– Our new babies health, growth, and development. Also for Lindsey and she deals with morning sickness.

We also wanted to remind you that we’re are keeping our website updated with pictures and stories of our life here. Please let us know of any questions you have and we would love to post about it. The website is

Thank you so much for your prayers, e-mails, letters, packages, phone calls, etc. We love hearing from people back home.

Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras: March (3/6)

Dear Friends,

We’ve just completed our first 3 weeks here in Costa Rica and we have so much to share. The Lord has been good to us as we feel like San Jose is slowly becoming home. Here is a quick list of what is going on:

School – We are half was through our intensive Spanish course and things are going well. Lindsey is being challenged daily in her conversation classes, while Sean is learning some of the basics of the Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

Lucy – She has adjusted well so far in her sleep, going 12 hours a night and getting a long nap in during the day. At school she has a teacher all by herself in the afternoon and is enjoying the attention. She has learned Spanish for good-bye (chao), and thank you (gracias).

Living – Our apartment has been great despite some failures in the hot water and the washing machine. We are enjoying the food here while still trying to master the Tico beans and rice. Not having a car has been an adjustment, but walking everywhere in the mild climate has been nice.

Family – One area we are feeling the stress is in our family, with so much to do and so many transitions, often times we just fall into bed exhausted at night. But as we are getting more adjusted to the culture, this area has been getting better.

Future Months – Our intensive course ends in two weeks, upon which we will get individual tutors for the next month. We hope to be pushed by our tutors as they can give us personal attention and go at our own pace.

Prayer Request:
– Spanish acquisition. Learning the language has been tougher than we anticipated, and we are in need of patience and diligence to plug along.
– Family. For time together to relax, catch up, and enjoy one another.
– Future in Honduras. There has been some interest in our work in Honduras, so please pray for future teammates and national partners to work with.

Also we have tested out our mailing address and it is working great, mail takes 7-10 days to get here. Our address is:

Sean and Lindsey McCann
Instituto de Lengua Espanola
Apartado 100-2350
San Jose, Costa Rica

We’ve attached a few pictures, but have lots more at our website:

Thanks you again for you prayers for our family and our ministry, we cherish them greatly.

Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns IN Costa Rica: February (2/12)

Dear Friends,

We have arrived safe and sound here in Costa Rica! The flight went well and we have moved into our new home with ALL of our luggage. Lucy did great and is fast asleep in her new crib. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

During our time here, will be updating our website at least once a week. We will have pictures, stories, and so much more. The website is and we will be updating it soon.

Here is our new contact information:

Mailing Address:
Sean and Lindsey McCann
Instituto de Lengua Espanola
Apartado 100-2350
San Jose, Costa Rica

Phone Number:
(This is a Vonage number that is currently out of service, but will be up and running soon.)

E-Mail: (Sean) or (Lindsey)

Thank you again for your prayers, your support, and your love. We will be in touch soon!

Sean McCann

McCanns in Honduras: February (2/6)
Dear Friends,

Only one week to go until we leave for Costa Rica! We fly out from Charlotte on February 12th and our Spanish language classes begin on February 18th. Our teammates in Costa Rica have found us a fabulous apartment only a block away from their home and a half a mile from school. They even got Lucy a crib for her to sleep in her first night.

Lucy has been great in the midst of all the transitions we have had lately, and we know that is a answer to prayers. She still has not taken more than three steps at a time so I think her walking will have to wait until Costa Rica. You can keep up with all the latest Lucy pictures while we are on the mission field by visiting her blog:

Things to pray about:
– Adjustment. That we would be able to adjust to our new life in Costa Rica with a new schedule for Lucy, new culture, and a new language.
– Our families. As we say goodbye to them, that the Lord would bring them comfort and peace.

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts, and once again please let us know how we can be praying for you. We’ll be in touch once we reach San Jose, Costa Rica.

Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras: January (1/7)

Dear Friends,Happy New Year!!
We are excited to announce that God has provided the full financialamount designated for us by our mission agency and we now have thegreen light to head for Spanish language school in Costa Rica. Wehave bought our tickets and we will be flying out of CharlotteFebruary 12 for our new home in San Jose, Costa Rica.It is an exciting time for us to see how God has brought us throughseminary, training, and support raising to now finally be on the brinkof our next adventure.
This new stage brings great emotions ofexcitement and fear, joy and sadness, chaos and final goodbyes, butthrough it all we are at peace knowing we are where we have beencalled to be.Lucy continues to grow and now loves to stand on her own and show off. At times she seems eager to walk and seems to be learning new wordsevery day. It is a fun and challenging time as she grows, learns andexplores, and we can’t wait for it to continue when she reaches herhome in San Jose.
Things to pray about:
– Chaotic Life. Over the next five weeks we will be traveling allaround the South saying good-byes to family and friends. This is anemotional time for us and very hectic for Lucy, so peace and unity inour family in the midst of transitions.
– Logistics. There seem to be a million loose ends to tie up as weprepare to leave, some of which are fairly important, so wisdom,patience, and perseverance in those areas is greatly needed.Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts, and once again pleaselet us know how we can be praying for you.

McCanns in Honduras: December (12/5)

Dear Friends,

We hope you’ve had a great start to your holiday season.Just this past week we have seen our gifts rise to 72% of our finalgoal. This is very exciting for us as every gift, no matter how bigor small, gets us one step closer to Honduras. Tentatively we areplanning to leave for language school in Costa Rica some time in themiddle of February.We are beginning to pack our things and go through all our belongings as we are planning on leaving our current home in Charlotte before Christmas.

It has been emotional for us as we get rid of our materialbelongings and yet it makes us look forward to the home that we will have in Honduras.

Things to pray about:

– Our finances. Even though we are getting close to our goal, westill have a good amount of money to raise and we are trusting that wewill be in Costa Rica by February 18th when the semester begins.

– Our family. It looks like we will be jumping around and living withdifferent people over the next few months, so please pray for peace inthe midst of transition. Please pray especially for Lucy as she getsused to new people and new environments that she would rest well andknow the safety and security of her family and her Heavenly Father.

We also wanted to remind you as the end of the year approaches thatall financial gifts towards our work in Honduras are fully taxdeductible.

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts, and once again pleaselet us know how we can be praying for you.

–Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras 1.6 (11/5)

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since our last update, but don’t worry, we havenot left the country without telling you. We have had a busy month ofsupport raising and appreciate your prayers for more appointments this coming month. Sean returned last month from a MTW Leadership Conference in Mexicowhere he enjoyed meeting and learning from other experiencedmissionaries and national leaders. This month we are speaking at fourchurches in the Carolina’s and Georgia, and appreciate your prayers aswe share our vision and meet with new people.

Last month we also celebrated Lucy’s first birthday with a Ladybug party in the park. She was showered with love, affection, and lots oftoys. We are so thankful for our first year as parents and lookforward to the many years to come.

Some things to pray for:

– Our meetings with churches and individuals this month. We arecurrently at 53% of our support goal, so please pray for continuedgiving and new pledges.

– Wisdom in parenting as we face new issues with a growing child.

– Please continue to pray for Honduras and that the hope of the gospelwould be spread in that dark place.Thanks you for your prayers and continued interest in our lives andministry.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you as well.

–Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras 1.5

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Charlotte, NC. We have recently returned from amissions conference in Locust, NC where we were very encouraged by theteaching and fellowship, as well as fed well!Next week, Sean is flying to Mexico for a MTW Latin America leadersretreat. This is an exciting time to meet other missionaries andnationals, to gain much needed church planting experience, and gathertogether with the Honduras team.

Lucy is doing well, she is standing a lot and hopes to be walking soonafter her first birthday (10/24). As she grows, her fun lovingpersonality comes out more and more as she continues to bring herparents great joy.

Some things to pray about:

– Continued faith in God in the midst of support raising. (We arecurrently at 43%)

– Safe travel and beneficial training for Sean in Mexico.

– The grace of God extended to the people of La Ceiba, Honduras.

Thank you for your prayers and for your love for us, let us know if wecan pray for you in any way.

–Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras 1.4

Dear Friends,

We have been home from New York for 2 weeks now and have been busypacking and unpacking as we have moved into a new/temporary home herein Charlotte. As we continue to reflect on our time in New York weare thankful for the experience, training, and friendships we wereable to build.

Every day Lucy crawls more and more. She can new do laps around bothof us as she explores her new home. She has had a fun August spendingtime with all her grandparents on different family vacations.We have also created a ministry website, McCanns in Honduras. Checkit out at

Prayer Requests:

1. Language school begins January 3 in Costa Rice and we are trustingthe Lord that we can be there with 100% of our support raised.

2. Our teammates, the Pettengills, leave on the 27th, pray for theirtransition to Costa Rica and their family and friends as they saygoodbye.

3. Our family. That each day we would be good stewards of our time.Our life does not have much structure now that we have quite our jobsand we need to strive hard to balance our time between raising supportand family.Here is our new address:1079 Sardis Cove DrCharlotte, NC 28270

Thanks for your prayers and your love for us, please let us know if wecan pray for you in any way.

–Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras 1.3

Dear Friends,

Greetings from New York City. We have been in New York for 3 weekstaking pre-field classes on church planting, team building, andlanguage learning. We have also been ministering at a Spanish-speakingchurch in Queens. Our time here has been very challenging but alsovery rewarding as we look forward to our future ministry.

Lucy has been a joy here in New York. She makes lots of friends on thesubway each morning; we can already tell how she is going to be such ahelp in meeting new people. She has also learned how to crawl here inNew York, she is such a busy little girl!One other exciting thing about being here in New York is being able tospend some time with our future teammates in Honduras, thePettengills. They are a fun family from California and it has beengreat to get to know them these past 3 weeks, we can already tell thatwe are going to work well together.(, it looks like we have found a good place to live in the fall,thank you for all your prayers.

Our prayers for this week:

– Strength and focus for our last 2 weeks in New York.

– Rest and sleep for Lucy during this chaotic time.

Thank you for your prayers and for your love for us, let us know if wecan pray for you in any way.

–Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras 1.2

Dear Friends,

Greetings again from Charlotte, NC. We are excited to announce thatas of yesterday we are one-third of the way to our support goal! Onceagain we are amazed with how God has worked through people to providefor us and our ministry.The next step in the process of getting to Honduras is a month ofcultural training in New York City. We are flying out on July 1 andwill return July 31. We will spend our time in NYC attending morningtraining sessions and ministering with a local Latino church in theafternoons, all the while gaining experience living in an unfamiliarand multicultural setting.

Lucy is now entering her mobile phase, and we are anticipating herstarting to crawl in NY. As she grows we continue to love her moreand more as she brings great joy to our family.

Please pray for:

– Our time in NY, especially the travel with Lucy, transition, and newfriendships with other missionaries and teammates in Honduras.

– Our living situation is still not nailed down for this fall, soplease pray that the Lord would provide for the best situation for ourfamily.

– Our future home. Honduras is a nation in great poverty, bothphysically and spiritually, and is in need of God’s healing power.

Thanks again for your love, prayer, and support of our family.

–Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann

McCanns in Honduras 1.1

Dear Friends,

This is the first of many official updates about the ministry of Sean,Lindsey, and Lucy McCann in Honduras. If you are on our mailing listyou have either signed up to receive our updates or you have given toour ministry in some form.Our goal is to send out short e-mails bimonthly letting you know wherewe are in the process of getting to Honduras and a few things to prayfor.

We have just returned from a week long training session in the NCmountains called “Living in Grace.” It was a refreshing week ofteaching on God’s love and encouragement from fellow missionaries.Sean has recently graduated from seminary (RTS Charlotte) and Lindsey just quit her job as a paralegal, so we are now fully committed toraising support to arrive in Honduras as soon as possible.

Our goalis to raise 100% of our support this fall and leave for languageschool in Costa Rica in the beginning of January ’08.

Our prayers for this week focus on our recent transitions:

– Guidance for where to live when our lease runs out in August.

– Renewed heart and focus for support raising.

– Peace for Lucy in the midst of these transitions.

Thank you for your prayers and for your love for us, let us know howwe can pray for you also.

–Sean, Lindsey, and Lucy McCann



  1. Thanks to Nancy for giving us your site info – we’ve enjoyed Lucy’s World and now this site. You all have been on my heart. – Love, Joycee

    Comment by Mark & Joyce Shoe | August 25, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hey Guys,

    We are so happy for you! We will be praying for you. If you have any free time before you take off let’s get together for dinner or something. Just shoot me an email and see if we can work something out!

    Comment by Phil Covert | January 15, 2008 | Reply

  3. Sean I would like to be added to the e-mail list please.
    Glad to know you guys are doing well, so cool to have a toddler in the house, nothing is ever boring! I know the Lord will bless your family and ministry, possibly He will even one day bless your b- ball game. Pray for me please and I will pray for you.

    warm regards, fond memories

    Comment by Tracey Thornton | January 16, 2008 | Reply

  4. please sign me up for your updates

    Comment by Suzette Louis | July 31, 2008 | Reply

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