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School Supplies

Above: Mike, Jamie, Sean, and Erin sorting school supplies.

Over the Christmas holiday, our team collected school supplies in the US to give to school kids here in Honduras. In the fall, our team made contacts with local schools and communities where kids were in need of school supplies. In most of these areas, the children have little or no supplies, no even the basics of a pencil and paper to write on. Our goal was to collect enough supplies that all of the kids in Armenia Bonito, a poor community outside of La Ceiba, would have enough supplies for school this year.

The Lord provided an abundance of supplies and last week we were able to pass them out to over 300 children and their schools and churches.

Here is the final tally of what we were able to give away:

4500 pencils
4450 crayons
1800 coloring pencils
1600 pens
860 markers
300 notebooks
280 glue sticks
200 pencil sharpeners

Also, our teammate also made a video of the distribution on YouTube.


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Kids Club

Above: Lins, the girls, and kids in Armenia Bonito.

One of the ministries we’ve recently started is a kids club every Monday for some of the younger kids in Armenia Bontio. The kids club starts with some games outside, moves inside for a bible message and a song, and concludes with a fun craft.

This week Andy taught on Jesus feeding the 5,000 and the kids colored fishes and loaves to glue in a basket. The kids seem to love the crafts, and even 15 year-old kids were enjoying the coloring and gluing.

This has been a good ministry for our whole family as Lucy is enjoying playing with the other kids. They all love the little white girl, and everyone wants to touch her and pick her up. If you know Lucy, you know she is pretty independent, so it can be a little tricky at times. Ellie stays in her sling most of the time, but some of the women just beg Lindsey to hold her, so we happily oblige.

The more we go, the more we hope Lucy will get adjusted and enjoy the attention from all the other kids, and keep working on her Spanish!

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Team Worship

Above: The living room in the house we are staying, filled with our teammates.

One of the things we started in Costa Rica and have continued here in Honduras is team worship. It is an excellent time to sing, worship, and study in English, usually after a difficult, Spanish church in the morning. It is also a time we have really enjoyed to grow closer to our team.

We started in Costa Rica with just us and the Pettengills. Then the Pettengills left for Honduras, and we welcomed three interns to Costa Rica. Then the interns left and joined the Pettengills in Honduras, while we finished up school. Then last week, another family arrived, the Severinghauses, and finally we made it, a grand total of 9 adults and 5 kids. Last Sunday was the first time we have all been in the same country together, and it was a joy to all worship together.

House Update: We have a pretty good option, and we’re going to the real estate office tomorrow to see about signing a lease if all goes well.

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First Day Here

Above: Us and our stuff. Lucy is hiding behind the trunks in a stroller pushed by Lindsey. The worker in the foreground and the guy behind Sean’s shoulder are both pushing our bags.

As we finish up our first full day in country, we sit here in our temporary house exhausted. We had a full day of house hunting, grocery shopping, getting phones and PO boxes, and oh yeah, being parents.

Lucy and Ellie both had a good day, albeit a hot one spent in just t-shirts and onesies. They spent most of the day playing and napping at our temporary home, a needed day of rest and stability.

We’ve found some good leads on houses, so we’ll continue our search tomorrow and keep you posted.

By the way, here is our brand new Honduran address (send us some stuff and we’ll get it in two weeks!!):

Sean and Lindsey McCann
PO Box 171
La Ceiba, Atlantidad

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